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SOLD OUT Energy Work Training SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT  Energy Work Training  SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT Energy Work Training SOLD OUT

David Manning
Sunday 12 March
3 weeks

The unique energy work that David engages in emerged from within him over fifteen years ago. It would be of be wrong to say that he has developed it. Rather, it has developed and stimulated him, pushing his growth and spiritual progress along a steep learning curve.

This isn’t a “how to” training, that will give you a mode of operation. The work that David does transmits frequencies that help to awaken your own potential. It will be a deep dive into your own system, to uncover your own capacities and abilities, a rich enquiry into what is waiting to be birthed from within you.

Over the four sessions there will be demonstrations, practice sessions, mediation, visualisation and conversation.

You could expect to come away from the experience with:

  • A deeply enhanced and progressed spiritual life
  • Much richer capacities to see and sense into other dimensions
  • Greater understanding of yourself.
  • A stronger sense of boundaries
  • Fuller trust and self acceptance
  • Much less doing, more allowing
  • Enhanced abilities to communicate with your own body and field
  • Abilities to rapidly identify and move through your issues and emotional blocks
  • Recovering gifts and trainings from other lifetimes and dimensions
  • A deep understanding of the workings of energy in your life
  • A profound release of historic patterns and wounding
  • Clearing of ancestral karma
  • Heightened abilities to work with others remotely

This short course will greatly enhance any other trainings you have undertaken, and will particularly appeal to those already working in the fields of body work, healing and psychic development

David Manning

David has been involved in and investigating human potential, healing and energy work for twenty five years. He first trained at CPS over twenty years ago. He led the healing clinic for a number of years, as well as working as a psychic and course and workshop leader.

Course timetable

12/03/17 - 11:00am to 2:00pm Week 1
26/03/17 - 11:00am to 2:00pm Week 2
02/04/17 - 11:00am to 2:00pm Week 3

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