6 of the best lenormand decks

Here, we pick out the loveliest lenormand decks to work with... the hard part is selecting one to accompany your lenormand course!

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Lenormand cards are yet to experience the fame of their more celebrated cousin, tarot. However, they are enjoying a slow but steady rise in popularity. The lenormand is set to become a key tool in every cartomancer's kit as more of us begin to realise their profound insights. And while there are not as many iterations of the lenormand as in the tarot, there are some exquisite versions of this 36-strong deck out there. Here, we reveal our pick of the best lenormand decks.

Dreaming Way Lenormand

This whimsical Dreaming Way Lenormand deck by Kwon Shina and Lynn Araujo (U.S. Games, 2016) is one of our top picks for its beautifully dreamy imagery and imaginative approach to the 36 lenormand symbols. Don't be fooled by its fairy-tale feel, though. The Dreaming Way Lenormand delivers some seriously impactful readings. A recent grand tableaux warned us that death, grief and consequent healing were imminent. That week, a College team member's cat finally succumbed to a terminal condition - sad, but a relief as it marked the end of her suffering. We continue to be astonished by the accuracy and insight of the lenormand cards...

Dreaming Way Lenormand cards

Lenormand Oracle Cards

Many will be familiar with Lo Scarabeo's diverse range of oracle cards and tarot decks. The Italian publisher has explored every theme possible, from vampires to Wicca to steampunk. So Lo Scarabeo's pretty Lenormand Oracle Cards stand out for their simple, traditional feel. The nostalgic, Victorian-inspired imagery that adorns the cards is a nod to the lenormand's early beginnings as a parlour game.

A selection of Lo Scarabeo's Lenormand Oracle Cards

Old Arabian Lenormand

Those who love the spiced aromas of Marrakech's Medina, the gilded verses of Rumi and Hafez, and the sacred geometry of Islamic architecture will appreciate the Old Arabian Lenormand by Neil Lovell (Malpertius, 2015). Every grand tableaux with the Old Arabian Lenormand takes you on a spice-scented journey into the mystical Maghreb. A lenormand deck for wanderlusters, as well as those with an eye for luxury - these cards are gilt-edged!

A selection of Old Arabian Lenormand cards

Mystical Lenormand

Where the Old Arabian Lenormand evokes the deserts and mosques of Arabia, the Mystical Lenormand embraces the entire globe! These cards take us on a multicultural journey through the world's ancient mystery schools. Their rich imagery and symbolism dances from Ancient Egypt through Hindu cosmology, via the Edo and Ming dynasties, visiting the thrones of Arabian sultans and African queens along the way. Each card is exquisitely painted in egg tempura by Urban Trosch (AGM Muller, 2006). A feast for the eyes, and the imagination!

A selection of the Mystical Lenormand cards

Beatles Lenormand

A jolly jaunt into sixties psychedelia, the surreal Beatles Lenormand deck by Chris Leech (Welkin, 2021) is pure, mind-bending joy! These colourful cards are inspired by Yellow Submarine, but don't be fooled into thinking this deck is just for the avid collector of Beatles paraphernalia. Witty lines and clever cues bring a whole new level of depth and imagination to the lenormand symbols, making for a rich, multilayered and surprising reading. 

A selection of the Beatles Lenormand cards

Lunar Nomad Oracle

Spot the play on words. The Lunar Nomad oracle by Shaheen Miro (Red Wheel/Weiser, 2018) is not officially a lenormand deck. Alongside the traditional 36, this deck has a selection of additional cards, added in by Miro, that set it apart. These beautiful moody cards have made it into our pick of the best lenormand decks for being such a unique take on this divination tool. In short, lenormand cards + creative genius = this very beautiful spread. 

Beyond our pick of the best lenormand decks, there are many more to choose from. You can select any to learn with for the lenormand classes at the College.

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