6 tips on how to become psychic

We all have intuitive gifts... sometimes they just need to be activated. Here, some of our senior tutors share their tips on how to become psychic.

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Everyone has the capacity to be psychic. As with any skill, it's a matter of putting in the practice. Developing intuition is something we do very well at The College of Psychic Studies. Our tutors have been honing their craft for decades - so who better to ask how to become psychic? Here, some of our senior tutors reveal the basics of developing a strong sixth sense.

Cultivate stillness

Geoffrey Beitz teaches our Simply Psychic courses, and has been developing his skills since he received his first tarot deck in 1973. He also facilitates our members' Midweek Meditations, and is a firm proponent of meditation as a key to developing our psychic senses. He says: 'Psychic information is very subtle, so the quieter you are, the more you will sense. In your stillness, you open to energy awareness.'

Know your 'clair'

Having trained at the College, Gary Wright teaches all levels of psychic development and mediumship training. In his introductory classes, one of his focuses is to find out which 'clair' you are. He says, 'I look at whether you're clairsentient, where you have a clear feeling, clairaudient, where you have clear hearing, or clairvoyant, where you have a clear seeing. As we move through looking at those, we start to see where your psychic self is.'

Raise your vibration

Daniel Pitt has been developing his psychic mediumship skills since childhood. He says that in order to become more psychic, we should lift our energy: 'All things are atomic. Everything in this universe moves and vibrates. In the physical world, we are very slow - we're solid, dense. What we want to do as psychics is quicken our awareness so we can go beyond the dense. Lifting that energy is important.'

Let go of expectations

According to Maria Antoniou, who trained at the College and now teaches all levels of psychic and mediumship development, we should drop our expectations, relax and have fun with the journey. She says, 'Don't look for an outcome - you don't know how your gift will grow... You've got to allow it to happen.'

Understand your symbolism

Geoffrey Beitz urges us to hone our interpretive skills if we want to improve our psychic abilities. We must learn how to decode symbolism. He says, 'You get two kinds of psychic information that come through you. You either get literal information, which the sitter would understand, or you get symbolic information, which the psychic has to interpret.'

Keep on developing!

Maria Antoniou says it best! 'The more you learn, the more there is to learn. It's never-ending, always evolving. Your psychic ability can always be stronger!'

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