9 tips to develop your psychic abilities

There's no better guide than The College of Psychic Studies for activating your psychic abilities. Here are 9 tried-and-tested techniques to sharpen up your sixth sense.

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As every student at The College of Psychic Studies knows, developing your psychic abilities can be a rewarding and exciting journey. Whether you're looking to enhance your intuition, communicate with spirits, or simply gain a deeper understanding of the world around you, a strong sixth sense opens up a whole new source of guidance and information. Our skilled tutors offer a wealth of trusted techniques that can help you develop your psychic abilities. Here are a few to get you started...

1 Meditate regularly

    We are all born with intuition. It's an inner voice that often speaks to us. However, for many of us, that quiet inner voice of knowing gets drowned out by all the noise, drama and social conditioning of the external world. One way to help you hear that intuitive voice again is through meditation. Meditation is an effective way to quiet your mind and increase your spiritual awareness. A regular meditation practice can help you to develop your intuition and connect back to that quiet inner voice. It really is a psychic development essential!

    2 Work with a mentor or teacher

    The most important thing you can do when seeking to activate or strengthen your sixth sense is to find a mentor or tutor who is experienced in psychic development. Whether you choose to take an online psychic development class at The College of Psychic Studies, or you have a trusted friend who has previously developed their psychic skills, having a wise guide on the path of psychic awakening is ESSENTIAL. They have been where you are, they have walked the same path, they are aware of the pitfalls, and they can be a valuable resource for learning new techniques and getting feedback on your progress.

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    3 Keep a dream journal

    Dreams can be a powerful source of intuitive guidance. By keeping a dream journal and recording the details of your dreams, you can learn to recognise patterns and symbols that may be relevant to your psychic development. The more we can understand the language of our subconscious mind, the more skilled we become at intuiting information from the world around us. Keep your dream journal by your bed and remember to write your dreams down as soon as you wake up - even if that's in the middle of the night! 

    4 Trust your instincts

    Learning to trust your instincts is an essential part of developing your psychic abilities. The more we train ourselves to listen to and honour our gut feelings and inner voice, the more established they become and the more we can feel or sense them. This is easier said than done for many of us, as we have conditioned ourselves to ignore our intuition, our inner radar. However, by consistently paying close attention to your inner voice, you can learn to recognise intuitive messages and act on them more effectively.

    5 Work with divination tools

    Divination tools such as tarot cards, lenormand cards, rune stones, or numerology can be powerful aids for developing your psychic abilities. By practicing with these tools, you can learn to interpret intuitive messages more effectively and gain greater insights into your own spiritual path. The best thing about these divination tools is that we can have real fun with them - and that's another important part of our journey of psychic development!

    6 Connect with nature

    Spending time in nature can be a powerful way to connect with your own intuition and spiritual awareness. Take time to walk in the woods, sit by the ocean, or simply spend time in your own garden or park to connect with the natural world around you. Notice how you feel - observe that sense of quiet and space that opens up within you. That's the space in which your intuition can be heard more readily, so being in nature is a good place for receiving intuitive guidance.

    7 Be open to new experiences

    Developing your psychic abilities often requires stepping beyond your comfort zone and trying new things. Be open to new experiences and be willing to explore different techniques and approaches to psychic development. Keep an open mind on the spiritual path. There are so many paths on the journey of psychic development, and no single one is the right path. From witchcraft to dowsing to tarot to Trancendental Meditation, they all have merit. Adopt the attitude of the eternal student, delight in the fact that there are many happy tributaries along this river, and you can never go wrong.

    8 Set intentions

    Setting clear intentions for your psychic development can help you to stay focused and motivated. Whether you're seeking to connect with your spirit guides, communicate with loved ones who have passed on, or simply develop a stronger sense of intuition, setting clear goals and intentions can help you to stay on track. If you want to achieve Professional level, commit to it until you reach it!

    9 Practice, practice, practice

    Like any skill, developing your psychic abilities requires practice and persistence. Set aside time each day to practice your psychic techniques, whether it's meditation, visualisation, divination, or simply tuning in to your intuition. Developing your psychic abilities is such a rewarding and exciting journey! However, it's no secret that it requires dedication and commitment. 

    Can anyone become a psychic?

    Some of the College tutors shed light on who can become a psychic, and how to tell if you might have psychic abilities in this short video:

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