Am I psychic? These 10 signs say yes!

At The College of Psychic Studies, we already know the answer to your question: 'Am I psychic?' 😉 Here are 10 tell-tale signs to help you come to your own conclusions...

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The College of Psychic Studies is one of the world's oldest schools of psychic development, and we believe that each one of us is born psychic. As infants, we are extremely sensitive. We sense everything as we learn about the world and its different energies. As we move through childhood, with an education system that favours empirical facts over intuition, many of us unlearn or press mute on our innate psychic abilities. However, for some of us, those psychic abilities remain. No matter how much we try to numb that often painful sensitivity or silence those inner voices, our true psychic nature remains. The question, 'Am I psychic?' often occurs to such people. If that sounds like you, then you are a natural psychic. Here are 10 tell-tale signs, just to convince you that your hunch is correct!

Do you often get hunches?

Those of us who are naturally psychic may frequently experience strong intuitive hunches or gut feelings about people, situations, places or events. These feelings are often eerily accurate. As you navigate life, you learn to trust these gut feelings. You have likely experienced the consequences of not trusting those gut instincts - and then kicked yourself for not listening to your inner guidance! If you often have hunches, or intuitive gut feelings, about people, places or situations, then you are psychic. It's as simple as that.

Are you highly sensitive and empathic?

The question 'Am I psychic?' can be answered by another question: 'Do I feel everything more acutely?' If your answer is yes to the latter, it's also yes to the former. Psychics are naturally sensitive. We feel deeply connected - often painfully so - to the emotions and energies of others. Additionally, we're highly sensitive to the moods and thoughts of people around us. Sometimes, we wish we could turn off this empathy! At The College of Psychic Studies, we know how challenging this trait can be. In our beginners' courses, our tutors help you navigate your sensitivity so you can make it your super-power!

Are your dreams particularly vivid?

You will know you are psychic from the strength of your dreams. Those who are naturally psychic often have vivid, detailed dreams that can provide insights or premonitions about past, current and future events. Sometimes we will meet someone in our dreams before we encounter them in real life, or we will visit a place that we then recognise when we arrive there in person. Of course, the language of our dreams is not always accessible. It's something we must learn to interpret. As we become more familiar with the symbolism of our dreams, we are able to decipher more meaning from them.

Can you see or sense auras?

Everything is surrounded by a field of energy. This energy holds much information about our physical, mental and emotional state, and can be called our aura. Some of us are aware of others' auras without even knowing it. Seeing auras is not just about seeing colours around a person! If you can feel or sense the energy of a person, just by being in proximity to them, then you are sensing their aura. This is a sure sign that you are psychic and have a natural ability to intuit information from the world around you.

When you walk into a room…

If you are psychic, then it's very likely that you are very attuned to the energy of places. You might sense when the energy of a room is bright and uplifting - as many do when they visit the College's beautiful old building in London, UK. Similarly, if something traumatic or painful has happened in a place, you will feel that heaviness. This manifests as a feeling of wanting to escape. Once you learn to trust these hunches, you can start to work positively to clear yourself and the area of that heaviness. It's a wonderful gift that you can bring the world as a psychic!

Do you sometimes know what people are thinking?

We are taught from an early age that telepathy is the stuff of science fiction. It's not, as any psychic will tell you! Sometimes we pick up on other people's thoughts - especially those we are close to and have a trusted bond with. This is telepathy in action. When we recognise this, we will notice that telepathy happens very often in our daily life! The key is to discern when a thought is a telepathic one, ie. from someone else, and when it is your own. This is something you will discover as you develop your psychic abilities.

Have you ever experienced deja-vu?

Déjà-vu is when we feel like we have already lived or seen a particular moment as it happens. It's a fascinating phenomenon that occurs more frequently to those who are naturally psychic. Chances are, you have, indeed, experienced this moment before it happened, even though you may dismiss that odd deja-vu feeling as a fluke. As you develop your psychic abilities, which we help you do in our online psychic development courses, you will develop your awareness to recognise these special moments as your psychic awareness in action.

Do you feel an affinity with animals?

If you love animals, then the chances are high that you are naturally psychic. Like infants, animals are naturally intuitive. Their sharp sixth sense protects them from harm, and guides them towards those they can trust. Perhaps you have an unusual ability to understand animals or you notice that your friends' pets are always drawn to you. You probably feel it painfully deeply when animals are suffering. Your affinity with animals hints at your own deeper intuitive nature. It's no coincidence that the conventional familiar for our ancestors, the witches, is a cat - also a highly intuitive creature.

Do your friends know you as 'the psychic one'?

Sometimes it's our loved ones that can recognise our natural gifts and talents before we do! Imagine asking your loved one or significant other: 'Am I psychic?' What is their response? They will probably tell you that, yes, you ARE psychic! The question, now, is what are you going to do with it? The answer is easy: Develop your natural abilities! Your intuition really is your super power. Join an online beginners' course to start cultivating your natural intuition and witness a whole new world of possibility unfold. It's the adventure of a lifetime!

Have you been guided here?

If you Googled, 'Am I psychic?', and landed on this page at The College of Psychic Studies, then you have some very helpful invisible guidance on your side! This College started out in 1884, and is renowned in spiritual history the world over. Many of our spiritual ancestors most definitely knew of, or were somehow involved with, this wonderful institution at some time or other. Perhaps they are nudging you to develop your unique gifts! Or perhaps you are just very good at following the breadcrumbs of the universe. However you have landed up here, take it as a positive sign to develop your very precious psychic skills. It's a rewarding journey that will change your life, empower your natural abilities and give you a helpful inner compass to navigate the world.

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