The 9 best crystals for meditation

Struggling with your daily meditation practice? Busy thoughts getting the better of you? Our pick of the best crystals for meditation will help.

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All our psychic development tutors will tell you that regular meditation is essential for strengthening your intuition. It refines your awareness and quietens your mind, which opens you up to receive subtle information. However, as many of our students know, a daily meditation practice is easier said than done. It takes a great amount of discipline and dedication - and that doesn't come easily to all of us. For many, it can be a frustrating experience of stops and starts. If that sounds familiar, perhaps you need some assistance in the form of a meditation crystal. Our pick of the best crystals for meditation can support your daily practice.

Auralite 23, Apophyllite and Herkimer Diamonds are perfect crystals for meditation

To clear negative thoughts: Auralite 23

We've all been there - we sit down to meditate, and as if on cue, that negative thought form kicks in and plays out on repeat for the duration of our session. No matter how often you return your focus to your breath, your mind just seems to slip back into that negative loop. Your solution? Auralite 23. This beautiful crystal hushes the mental chatter so you can get on with the important task of meditation! According to former College Tutor and author of The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall (1943-2021), auralite 23 synchronises the hemispheres of the brain, quietens the internal chatter and soothes stress so you can release your burdens. This sets the stage for a very rewarding and deep meditation. If you have an unhelpful thought theme on repeat, hold a piece of auralite 23 crystal in your hand when you sit down to meditate, and observe it dissolve.

To improve psychic ability: Apophyllite

Apophyllite is a brilliant crystal to support all the training we offer at The College of Psychic Studies. This is because apophyllite opens up the ajna, or third eye chakra. It is the very best crystal for meditation if you are working on developing your intuition and clairvoyance. With this crystal, you will experience a refreshing clarity of mind and sense of perspective. Additionally, or crystal tutor Val Pitts recommends apophyllite as a good stone to keep your meditation space clear. She says: "Apophyllite dispels negative energy, purifying and re-energising any room. This clears the way for apophyllite's strong, uplifting energies with high vibrations of love, happiness and peace." Be sure to leave this crystal on your meditation cushion.

For protection: Herkimer Diamond

For some, Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs), which are frequencies from phones, laptops and electricity lines, can interfere with our meditation practice. If you sense that this is you, then get yourself a herkimer diamond. Essentially, these astonishingly sparkly stones are the best tools for protection during meditation. They are particularly good at protecting against the effects of EMFs and geopathic stress. Like apophyllite (above), herkimer diamond is a good crystal to keep in your meditation space. It will infuse your sacred area with its protection. That's not all herkimer is good for - hold this crystal in your hand as you meditate to open up your energy field for a heightened experience.

Selenite, Infinity Stone and Lemurian Seed Crystal: Good meditation crystals

For stress-release: Infinite Stone

Feeling too tired to meditate? Or perhaps you have a tension headache after a long and stressful day? Infinite stone to the rescue. This kind, nurturing, gentle stone is what Judy Hall calls 'a great worry stone'. For anxious types, it is the best stone to meditate with. Infinite stone alleviates stress and soothes niggling thoughts, as well as releasing attachments and expectations. All those repetitive mental replays about the argument at work / job interview / money problems that so interfere with our meditation practice are put to rest by infinite stone. Additionally, it works on healing and aligning the lower three chakras - which are rooted in the physical reality and are the source of many of our neuroses. When these are clear and balanced, we can progress further on our spiritual path.

To calm turbulent emotions: Selenite

The best crystal for meditation when we're going through an emotionally rocky patch is undoubtedly selenite. Using selenite as your meditation crystal instills a sense of deep peace in the mind. If you've been experiencing erratic moods and turbulent emotions - and let's face it, there's little more that interferes with a rewarding meditation session than these - selenite will help you settle them and disperse negativity. Furthermore, according to Judy Hall, Selenite is THE crystal for the crown chakra. This means it is an ideal crystal to use in meditation, because the crown, or shahasrara chakra, is our gateway to higher states of consciousness.

For far-out meditations: Lemurian Seed Crystal

If you come across a Lemurian seed crystal in your local crystal shop, and it resonates with you, then you should meditate with it. According to College crystal tutor, Nicholas Pearson, these unassuming clear quartz points are believed to have been left to us by our ancient Lemurian ancestors, whose wisdom is encoded in these stones. This means they have much to share about our spiritual ancestry and evolution. Lemurian seed crystals are increasingly common since they first emerged in 2000. Look closely at their horizontal etched markings, which Judy Hall interprets as a ladder of consciousness, leading us into inter and multidimensional consciousness. Most small or medium-sized points sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, so are an easy crystal to bring to your meditation mat.

Petalite, Black Tourmaline and Amethyst - the BEST meditation crystals

To facilitate spiritual evolution: Petalite

If you have plateaued in your psychic development, and are lingering a little longer than you'd like at our Foundation level or Intermediate level courses, then invest in some petalite. This sublime pink crystal enhances meditation by releasing unhelpful or draining relationship bonds that can hold us back and keep us stuck. But aside from that, petalite is the best crystal for meditation when you want to move forward in your spiritual evolution. Petalite will release blocks and set you soaring once again on your path of psychic development. Hold this crystal during meditation and allow it to guide you into sublime states of heightened consciousness.

To remain present: Black Tourmaline

You set your timer and sit down to meditate... and the next thing you know, it's the end of your session! And you have no idea where that 10 minutes or half hour has disappeared to. If you have a tendency to 'disappear' in your meditation sessions, then you might need a little help with grounding. Step in, black tourmaline. This sturdy, solid stone grounds us without heavily anchoring us, so is a perfect crystal to meditate with. When we are fully grounded in our meditation practice, we are able to remain present and aware throughout our session. And, of course, training ourselves to remain present means we get to reap the benefits of our practice. These benefits include maintaining a sense of perspective, being mindful, and developing and refining our awareness. So, grab a chunk of black tourmaline for your next meditation and enjoy the sense of presence and groundedness that it brings.

The all-round best crystal for meditation: Amethyst

We're hard-pressed to narrow our choice down to the single best crystal for meditation, but if we HAD to choose, it would be our trusty amethyst. Amethyst is the go-to crystal that will see you through many of the above situations, be it busy mind, negative thought forms, tension or stress. This crystal stills the mind, clears the thoughts, cuts through repetitive cycles of addiction, and so much more. Plus, it's very easy to get hold of, and you'll find some beautiful pieces stocked in most crystal shops (including, of course, our crystal shop at the College!). So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer variety of meditation crystals above, or are new to using crystals with meditation, then go for amethyst. You'll be very glad to take this crystal along with you on your meditative journey.

How to use crystals for meditation

Now that we've undertaken the fun work of choosing our meditation crystal, how do we meditate with it to really experience its benefits? A good place to start is to simply hold it in the palm of your hand. Additionally, here are six more techniques to get you started:

  • Place a number of crystals in a circle around you to form a grid as you meditate.
  • Sit in meditation with a crystal placed in front of you or beside you.
  • SIt or lie down in meditation with the crystal placed on the forehead or heart centre.
  • Wear the crystal on a necklace, whether held in a pouch or macrame knot, so it sits over the heart.
  • Keep the crystal in your meditation space to infuse it with the energy.
  • Remember to cleanse your crystal regularly to keep it working at its optimum.

The selection of meditation crystals is inspired by Judy Hall's wonderful Crystal Companion (Godsfield, 2018)

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