How to celebrate spring with Goddess Brigid at Imbolc

Happy Imbolc! Let's honour the fiery-haired Goddess Brigid at the start of spring to bring her inspiration, her warmth and creativity to our daily life. Here's how...

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In the first days of February, we celebrate the Celtic festival of Imbolc. Imbolc marks the midway point between Winter Solstice (Yule) and Spring Equinox (Ostara). Cue: a big HOORAY! We have made it through the darkest, coldest days of winter! From here on in, we begin our steady ascent into the light, warmth and rebirth of spring. Imbolc is associated with Brigid, Celtic goddess of creativity, fertility and inspiration among other things. Today, at Imbolc, we honour Goddess Brigid to usher in the fresh energy of spring and all the abundance, creativity and inspiration it brings.

Who is Goddess Brigid?

Folk history is a complex macrame of traditions and beliefs that morphs and changes shape across time and space. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the Celtic mythology of Goddess Brigid. Over time, the fiery-haired Brigid has been a patron saint of many things, and propitiated in many different scenarios. A deity of fire and the sun, she has been reborn as the Goddess of the Wells for her association with water. She has been associated with the baby's crib and the blacksmith's forge. And to confuse matters further, she has been conflated with the Catholic Saint Brigid, and celebrated on Saint Brigid's Day, which, of course, falls on Imbolc.

So is Brigid a goddess of creativity, of knowledge, of craftsmanship, of fire, or of motherhood? On paper, she is all these things, and more. Goddess Brigid is indeed a paradox. However, beyond the Google searches and encyclopaedia entries we discover Brigid as a goddess much better understood in our own, very personal terms. So who is your Goddess Brigid?

Goddess of poets

If you are a poet or novelist, look to Goddess Brigid for inspiration. Brigid is a patron saint of writers. As novelists and poets, we call on her to ignite the fire of creativity and bring inspiration. If you have writer's block, call on Goddess Brigid for assistance to move through the stagnation into fluid creativity! 

Goddess of fertility, childbirth & motherhood

As a goddess of spring, Brigid naturally gifts us with spring's associated new life. Goddess Brigid is held close by those who wish to get pregnant. She also protects newborns and nourishes overwhelmed new mothers. Those trying for a baby or struggling in the first days of motherhood can call on Goddess Brigid for her compassionate support.

Goddess of crafters

Historically, Goddess Brigid protected the men of the smithy. Blacksmiths are few and far between nowadays, but we can still seek Brigid's help with our own crafting projects. Whether it's jewellery-making or throwing pottery, Goddess Brigid can bring divine guidance, protection and success to your projects.

Goddess of houseboats

If you are lucky enough to live on a houseboat, Goddess Brigid is your deity. She takes care of the waterways and protects the custodians of these precious bodies of water. She manifests as a swan - next time you see one gliding towards you, offer your quiet respects and gratitude to Brigid.

Create an Imbolc altar for Goddess Brigid's inspiration

Once we have discovered Goddess Brigid's significance for us personally, even if it is simply to celebrate the creative energy of the coming spring, how do we connect with and honour her? Of course, there are many ways. We can write a poem or enjoy a spring walk along the river or make an offering to the earth. Not sure what you feel called to do? A good start is to create an Imbolc altar to invite Goddess Brigid's creative energy into your life. Whether adapting your own altar or creating a new one, here are some ideas to inspire (thank you, Brigid!) you…

Light red candles

One of Goddess Brigid's most important associations is fire. It represents the fire of the sun, the fire of inspiration, the fire of creativity, the warmth of the hearth. Choose a red candle for your Goddess Brigid altar. Anoint the candle with your favourite essential oil – herbaceous oils are lovely choices. As you rub the oil into the candle, set your intentions for the coming spring. Turn your mind and heart towards the promise of renewal, creative inspiration and abundance.

Offerings for Goddess Brigid

Once the candle is lit on your altar, add offerings to Goddess Brigid – whatever offerings feel right to you. Perhaps it's a snow drop, or a spring leaf that you have found. Perhaps it's some seeds to represent potential and new life. You might want to add gold coins (the chocolate variety will do!) to symbolise the sun. It might be a chalice of spring water. Listen to your intuition and offer what feels right.

Create something unique for Imbolc

Whatever your chosen craft, whether writing, pottery, drawing, crocheting, woodworking, or baking, celebrate the start of spring by creating something unique for your Goddess Brigid altar. She is the divine light of inspiration after all. As you create, open yourself to her inspiration and creative guidance at Imbolc. Not sure what to create? Try a Brigid's Cross or a beautiful sculpture...

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