Discovering a profound meditation tool with the Sri Yantra

Anyone who comes across a Sri Yantra will recognise that this is no ordinary diagram - we intuitively sense it as a sacred symbol. Discover why it carries so much potency, and how to use the Sri Yantra as a tool to enhance your meditation.

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When it comes to meditation - an essential ingredient of our psychic and mediumship development - some of us struggle with sitting with our eyes closed, continuously wrestling with wayward thoughts. Happily, there are alternatives. We can also meditate with the eyes open. One of the most accessible ways to do this in a focused way is through tratakum, or gazing meditation. With tratakum, we focus our gaze softly upon an object, which may be a candle flame, an image of our guru, a deity or angel, or a symbol, such as a Sri Yantra. 

The benefits of tratak meditation (gazing meditation)

Tratak meditation has multiple benefits, the most important of which is that it is a very accessible way to meditate. By keeping the eyes open and focused on a point, we can settle and purify the mind. Thoughts will inevitably arise, but as we are anchored through our vision, it is less challenging to stay present during our meditation practice. Tratakum also strengthens our concentration and our stamina for staying present for extended periods of time. It is also believed to keep our eyes and vision healthy. We can use a variety of tools for our tratakum practice, but one of the most popular is a yantra or sacred symbol, an example of this being the Sri Yantra, also known as the Shri Chakra.

What is the Sri Yantra?

The Sri Yantra is a complex and significant geometric symbol that has come to us through the centuries from India via the medieval tantric tradition of Hinduism. This sacred geometric pattern is considered one of the most powerful and revered yantras. Anyone who comes across a Sri Yantra will recognise that this is no ordinary diagram. There is something very sacred about its web of interlocking triangles, something mysterious and incredibly impactful about the dot at the centre and the way the eye is drawn in. Without even knowing that the Sri Yantra is a sacred symbol, we automatically assume it to be such. This is because the Sri Yantra, represented so exquisitely through its sacred geometric forms, encapsulates the entire universe in manifest form. It is the depiction of 'AUM', that sacred vibration underpinning all creation. This is why the Sri Yantra is such a potent focal point for tratakum.

The Sri Yantra in sacred geometry

The Sri Yantra is composed of nine interlocking triangles that surround a central point, known as the bindu. These triangles are arranged in such a way that they form 43 smaller triangles in a web-like design.

The four upward-facing triangles in the Sri Yantra represent Shiva, the masculine aspect, while the five downward-facing triangles represent Shakti, the feminine aspect. They are arranged around a central point - the dot at the centre of the sri yantra known as the bindu. The bindu signifies the cosmic center, the point of origin of the universe, and the union of masculine and feminine energies.

The sacred geometry of the Sri Yantra is set within two concentric circles of lotus petals, with the inner circle composed of eight petals and the outer of 16. These lotus petals symbolise enlightenment and the unfolding of consciousness, as lotus flowers grow from the mud of ignorance and delusion into the light of wisdom and truth.

Finally, the Sri Yantra is enclosed within a square, complete with 4 gates, which look like T-shaped structures. These represent the temple walls and the cardinal directions of north, south, east and west. 

The meaning of the Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra embodies the profound interplay of cosmic energies, of the masculine and the feminine and the divinity that infuses all. It expresses the duality of our human experience, of black and white, of left and right, of male and female, and it suggests a path beyond that duality into totality, to the Divine, to the bindu. In this way, the Sri Yantra presents to us a path to God consciousness. To meditate upon this symbol is to direct the mind towards this all-encompassing wisdom, transcending all the dramas and dualities that we tend to find ourselves embroiled in.

How to use Sri Yantra in meditation

Tratakum meditation on the Sri Yantra is believed to guide us to enlightenment; that is a profound and embodied knowing of the true nature of our reality. It can help deepen your spiritual awareness, focus, and inner peace, and is a particularly helpful meditation tool if you struggle with closed-eye meditation.

First | Prepare the space

There are plenty of Sri Yantra symbols available to download. Find one, and print it out to use for your meditation. You'll want to place the Sri Yantra in front of you at eye level, so you don't have to crane the neck or strain your eyes to see it. Place it at a comfortable distance from the face. You may want to adhere it to the wall, and simply sit at a comfortable distance to observe it. As with all meditative practice, we want to choose a quiet, clean space where we won't be disturbed. 

Second | Prepare to meditate

Before you start your Sri Yantra meditation, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind. Focus on your breath, inhaling and exhaling deeply through your nose. Allow the mind to settle. Take your time to really arrive in the present moment for your practice.

Third | Rest your gaze on the Sri Yantra

Open your eyes and gently gaze at the centre of the Sri Yantra, the bindu (central point). Allow your eyes to rest on the bindu without straining.

Gradually expand your focus to take in the entire Sri Yantra, from the central point outward to the surrounding triangles and lotus petals. Observe the intricate patterns and how they interlock.

Keep your gaze soft and relaxed. If your mind wanders, gently bring your focus back to the Sri Yantra. The key is to maintain a gentle, unwavering focus on the yantra.

You can silently or softly chant a mantra associated with the Sri Yantra, such as "Om Shreem Hreem," "Om Aim Hreem Shreem," or any other mantra you feel connected to. This can help deepen your concentration.

As you continue to gaze, visualize the energy of the Sri Yantra flowing into you. Imagine it radiating peace, clarity, and spiritual energy, filling your mind and body.

Fourth | Close and ground 

After 15-20 minutes (or longer if you are comfortable), slowly close your eyes while holding the image of the Sri Yantra in your mind's eye. Take a few moments to integrate the energy and sensations you have experienced. Finish your meditation with a few deep breaths. Express gratitude for the practice and the benefits you've received.

Incorporating the Sri Yantra into your meditation practice can be a powerful way to enhance your spiritual journey and overall well-being. It builds and develops a profound relationship with a wisdom that underpins our entire existence. Well worth a gazing session...

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