Meeting Goddess Sekhmet, the Egyptian Lion Goddess

Goddess Sekhmet is the ultimate paradox. Feared and revered in equal measure, she stands for both healing and destruction; life and death. Allow us to introduce the Egyptian lion goddess...

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Most visitors to the British Museum in London make a beeline for the Rosetta Stone. They will then gaze in wonder at the Ancient Egyptian treasures that surround it: immense granite sarcophagi, giant pharaohs, the hieroglyphed thresholds of royal tombs. Those who go on to explore this extraordinary collection might glimpse an intriguing character amongst the monoliths. She has the head of a lioness and the body of a woman, and wears a sun disc behind her head. This is Goddess Sekhmet, the Egyptian lion goddess. 

Who is the goddess Sekhmet?

Like many in the Ancient Egyptian pantheon, the goddess Sekhmet is complex and multi-faceted. Yet there is one aspect of her that is undisputed: She is fiercely powerful. On one hand, she is associated with war and destruction; on the other, she stands for healing and protection. As much as the Egyptian lion goddess takes life, she gives it. She's the ultimate paradox.

Sekhmet's name is derived from the Egyptian word 'sekhem', which means power or might, with 't', a feminine suffix. According to myth, she was sent by the sun god Ra to punish humanity for its rebellious ways. However, Sekhmet's bloody rampage became so destructive that Ra had to intervene by turning the Nile red, knowing the bloodthirsty goddess would gorge on it. The scarlet fluid was, however, not blood, but beer dyed with pomegranate juice. It certainly served to calm Goddess Sekhmet's wrath! This association with blood and healing ties into the Egyptian lion goddess' dual nature of both a fierce warrior and a benevolent healer. She is feared and revered in equal measure, and can be invoked for protection against danger and illnesses.

Patron deity of healers

As a constructive as well as a destructive force, Goddess Sekhmet protects and maintains the cosmic status quo. This means that occasionally, to keep the balance, she resorts to extreme methods, such as wars, plagues and pestilence. She is in service to the circle of life, which, of course, includes death and rebirth. In that same service, while she wreaks disaster, she also brings healing and protection. For this reason, Goddess Sekhmet is considered a patron of physicians and healers. If you are a healer or energy worker, she is a powerful force to have on side.

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Honouring Goddess Sekhmet

Those fortunate enough to pilgrimage to Egypt will likely visit the immense Temple of Karnak in Luxor. This complex was thought to mark the spot where creation began. Inside, unbeknownst to many, there is a special chamber dedicated to Goddess Sekhmet. Those in the know flock here to kneel before Sekhmet and receive her healing. 

We love guide Sherif's description of Sekhmet's sanctuary: "The most beautiful mysterious place in Karnak is not very well known to many people: the secret temple of Goddess Sekhmet... After the wonderful column hall, go left (north) and ask about Sekhmet. The guards will happily open the dark sanctuary for you. It is too dark and there appears to be nothing inside. After they close the room, her lioness figure will appear gradually mysteriously in the darkness, and soon you will see how beautiful she is. This scene will remain in your head more than any other scene you have seen."

Those of us who are not able to reach Sekhmet's sanctuary in person can certainly visit on the etheric plane. It is a very powerful experience to traverse time and space to be in the presence of Goddess Sekhmet. Once you go through the sacred chamber of Karnak in this intentional way, you emerge as a child of Sekhmet. This is the beginning of an amazing relationship. She, The most Powerful One will be walking by your side, giving you greater confidence and power to make better life choices. If you are feeling stuck and seeking change - perhaps you're at the end or beginning of a relationship, feeling frustrated with your life's direction, or simply ready for a new adventure - Sekhmet can guide you in the most powerful and extraordinary ways. 

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