Hand reading: What our palm lines reveal about us, by Felicity Booth

In the art of hand reading, our heart, head and life lines say so much about our life and loves. College tutor Felicity Booth explains what we can learn from them.

By: Felicity Booth.   Posted

It is absolutely breath-taking what you can tell about a person from a good hand reading. I'm not talking about predicting the future or fortunetelling. Hand reading is not about whether you will marry a prince or win the lottery. It is a deeply insightful art that can reveal a person's psychological and emotional patterns, creative potentials and state of wellbeing. Even after 30 years, I am still taken aback at what a person's hands tell me.

Are hand readers psychic?

Hand reading does not depend on the reader's psychic ability. It helps to be a little intuitive, but hand reading is a learnt skill. Hand reading is the ultimate somatic tool for self-understanding and, with a little study and perseverance, it is available to everyone to learn. You literally have a map of your individual consciousness right there in front of you. All you have to do is learn to read it.

What do hand readers read?

A full hand reading takes all the features of the hand into account, starting with the hand shape and skin texture. These are background features that describe the basic energy of the person, and all the other features of the hand are modified by them. Other features such as the fingerprints are also crucially important. However, the four main lines on the palm describe such fundamental processes in consciousness that you can glean some important takeaways by studying them alone. 

The importance of palm lines

For example, the ending of the Heart Line (or Major Water Line, as I call it) shows how a person connects to others, how easy it is for them to trust another and to what extent they employ a public or professional front when they meet someone. The extent to which the Head Line (Major Air Line) curves is another great example and tells you whether the person is a logical and technical thinker, or an associative imaginative thinker. This is the difference between a scientific mind and an artistic mind. The Life Line (Major Earth Line) can tell you about your relationship to your parental family, and the Fate Line (Minor Earth Line) shows how you go about creating your career.

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