How to communicate with spirits

Curious about connecting with those who have passed on? Interested in talking to spirit? You're in good company at The College of Psychic Studies...

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Whether you have lost a loved one, have devoured Netflix's 2021 Surviving Death series, or are simply curious about what happens when we die, connecting to those who have passed on continues to fascinate us. Spirit communication, also known as mediumship, is an art that we have perfected at the College over the past 140 or so years. We are constantly receiving requests about how to communicate with spirits.  Our beginners' mediumship training course supports those with a curiosity for realising their innate abilities for talking to spirits. And we're firm believers that everyone can do it.

Maybe we're born with it, maybe it's...

Some of us are born with mediumistic abilities. We have either felt the presence of the spirit world, or we have been moved, guided or directed by some visitation. Or perhaps, as a child, we had an ability to communicate with spirit. We would see relatives who had passed, and be able to describe them perfectly, even though we may not have shared physical time on earth with them. However, for many of us, this ability remains dormant... until we decide to awaken it. 

Who can talk to spirits?

Communicating with spirit is a skill we can all develop. College Tutor Daniel Pitt, who has been connecting with spirit since he was a teenager, says that the ability to communicate with those who have passed is a birthright. He says: "Anyone has the right to connect and commune with the people who've passed to the other world. We don't learn about it at school - it's not considered normal or natural. But talking to the people we love is the most natural thing we can ever do." 

How can I communicate with spirits?

To communicate with spirits, we must first learn to raise our energy... and then we must develop the stamina to sustain it. College Tutor Anthony Kesner says: "With mediumship, you're going up into a much higher energy and you're bringing in the spirit communicator. I like them to come and stand in my shoes. I get a real sense of who they are and their personality using my clairsentience. Then you can describe that personality."

How long does it take to become a psychic medium?

Like any skill, mediumship takes practice, patience, time and trust. According to Senior College Tutor Gerrie March, anyone can train to be a psychic, and anyone can train to be a medium. The difference is, training to be a psychic takes a relatively short time - six months maybe - before we become familiar with our own psychic ability. But to train to become a medium takes very much longer, and each individual will take their own time. Take your own time to develop, and trust the process... you will get there!

Want to learn how to communicate with spirits on your own terms? Allow our expert tutors to teach you in a safe and supportive environment. Our livestream courses will take you by the hand and show you the way to becoming a fully fledged psychic medium. Start with a Beginner level course. Then your tutor will guide your progression through Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional levels.