How to create a Litha altar at Summer Solstice

Bring in the light at Summer Solstice on 20 June with a flowery, light-saturated Litha altar. Here's all the inspiration you need to create your own special sacred Litha altar space...

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Here, ye! Here, ye! It's Summer Solstice on Thursday 20 June 2024! Summer Solstice marks the peak of summer, when the sun-drenched daylight hours are the longest of the year, and the night is, by consequence, the shortest. This is such a special, light-saturated festival in the Pagan wheel of the year. It's known as Litha, a festival that honours the sun, vitality, light and abundance. Litha also opens a powerful portal for healing, bringing in the light to all aspects of our life and being. Those who are able flock to Stone Henge to celebrate Summer Solstice with like-hearted souls. Of course, not all of us are able to make the pilgrimage to Salisbury Plain. Happily, we can still get into the spirit of Summer Solstice by creating a Litha altar at home. We hope these ideas inspire you in building a sunny Summer Solstice altar to welcome the light into your life.

When to create your Litha altar

As with all things on this path, when you create your Litha altar is entirely up to you - as long as it's on or around the Summer Solstice, which usually falls on 21 June. At The College of Psychic Studies, we create our Litha altar a few days before the solstice. This gives us time to enjoy it, to get into the spirit of Litha, and to contemplate what it means to each of us in the College community, each seeking to light the way forward on the spiritual path. Additionally, what you add to your Litha altar is completely up to you - however, here are a few suggestions to get you inspired...

You will need:

  • Altar cloth: Choose fabric in summery colours like yellow, gold and orange, or green to represent the abundance of nature. Alternatively, material with a sun print or sun embroidery is perfect.
  • Candles: Of course, we all have our go-to white pillar candles, and these are fine to use, but if you can find a candle in yellow, orange, or red to represent the sun, all the better.
  • Flowers and foliage: Gather seasonal flowers such as peonies, sunflowers, daisies and roses. Fragrant herbs like mint, basil, and rosemary also add a fresh perfume. Remember to always thank nature for her gifts.
  • Crystals: Select crystals that resonate with summer energy - citrine, carnelian, sunstone and amber are good choices.
  • Symbols of the sun: Include a Sun tarot card, a few sun-face ornaments, an image of a sunny paradise, and anything that reminds you of the sun.
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables: Bring in nature's bounty to your Litha altar. 

How to create your Litha altar

  1. Choose a sacred spot: Select a place in your home or outside where you can set up your Litha altar. Ensure it's a space where you can sit and spend time quietly. At The College of Psychic Studies, we usually use the fireplace mantel in the library.
  2. Cleanse the space: Before setting up your altar, cleanse the space to remove any negative energy. Use sage, palo santo, or incense - we sell all of these ingredients in the College shop - or simply visualise white light purifying the area.
  3. Lay the altar cloth: Spread your altar cloth on the chosen surface. This sets the foundation for your altar.
  4. Place the candles: Arrange the candles on your Litha altar. You might place one large candle in the center to symbolise the sun, surrounded by smaller candles or tea lights.
  5. Add your flowers and greenery: Bring vitality and fragrance to your altar with fresh flowers and herbs. Arrange them in vases, or scatter petals around the candles.
  6. Arrange the crystals, sun symbols, fruits and vegetables: Intuitively position everything that you have gathered for your Litha altar around the candles and flowers.
  7. Personal touches: Add any other personal items or symbols that hold meaning for you and resonate with the energy of Litha.

How to use your Litha altar

Now that you've created a magnificent, sun-drenched Litha altar that reflects all of the life-giving energy of the sun's zenith, what do you do with it? Your Litha altar is your meditation space during the days before and during the summer solstice. As you meditate by your altar, reflect on the themes of light, growth and abundance. What do you wish to bring light to in the coming months. What abundance do you want to realise? If journalling is your thing, take a perch by your Litha altar for your reflecting and writing sessions.

On Summer Solstice, it's time to bring out your Litha spells and rituals to manifest abundance and light in all areas of your life. Perform these by your Litha altar. You may also want to leave offerings on your altar to give thanks for all that you have. These can be enjoyed, along with the fresh fruit and vegetables, in a feast on the evening of the solstice, or can be offered back to Mother Earth.

From all of us at The College of Psychic Studies, we wish you a very happy Summer Solstice!

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