How to experience an online sound bath, by Lavender Suarez

Sound healing practitioner Lavender Suarez reveals how online sound baths are as profoundly healing as in-person ones. Here are some tips on how to best prepare yourself and your space.

By: Lavender Suarez.   Posted

Sound baths are powerful communal healing experiences. Since 2014, I've been hosting sound baths and private sound healing treatments to help people attain relaxation and wellness. A few years before the pandemic shifted much of our lives online, I began providing sound healing virtually to reach people throughout the world. Although online sound bath participants are not all in the same physical space, they share a communal listening space.

How to listen to an online sound bath

It's highly recommended that you listen to an online sound bath with headphones or plug your digital device into an external speaker system for an optimised listening experience.

The choice is yours: headphone listening will allow for a deep immersion into the sound without distractions. On the other hand, plugging your laptop into external speakers will allow you to feel more of the vibrations from the sound bath. If using a bluetooth speaker, make sure that it is plugged in so that it doesn't lose power during the session.

Check your technology

Of course, to get the most from our online sound bath, our tech needs to be working, with plenty of power. Before settling in for your sound bath, be sure to:

  • Turn off notifications and alerts on your devices.
  • Check that your computer or phone are in working order, fully charged or plugged in, and connected to strong Wi-Fi.

Set up your space

To experience the sound bath, choose a space where you can lie down (or sit) and have minimal disturbances. Set up your space for comfort; have a blanket, pillows, and some water or herbal tea available nearby.

You may wish to make your room darker to further immerse into the listening space. You can close the curtains, lower the lights, or use an eye mask.

After the sound bath session has started, you won't need to look at your screen. You can choose to keep your camera on or turn it off - it's up to you.

What to do during an online sound bath

A sound bath is a time to immerse in a meditative listening space that affects us in a multitude of healing and inspiring ways. To get the most from your sound bath experience, here are some tips:

  • Let your body fully unwind into the comfortable space you've set up.
  • Feel free to gently move or stretch a bit if you feel called to. Sometimes the slightest movement can feel incredibly supportive. Alternatively, your body may wish to be in a place of stillness.
  • Tend to yourself during the sound bath session. Notice any sensations or feelings that arise throughout it.
  • If you're feeling distracted, acknowledge what's on your mind, then return to listening to the guided sound.

I've found online sound baths to be able to guide people on an impactful healing journey from the comfort of their own home. They create an accessible option for people who cannot physically attend sound baths and provide an intimate space for growth and transformation for all.

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