How to choose, charge & use a dowsing pendulum

A dowsing pendulum helps us see our intuition in action. For many, a pendulum is a close and trusted friend. Here's how to choose, charge and use yours.

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We are born with a sixth sense. Whether it's a gut feeling or a quiet inner voice, we all have intuition. Indeed, ask any tutor at The College of Psychic Studies, and they will tell you that, no matter who you are or what your walk of life, your intuition is your superpower. The problem we tend to have is not so much in having intuition, but rather hearing and trusting that intuition. That's why a dowsing pendulum is so helpful. By tuning into the swing of a dowsing pendulum, and establishing a 'bond' with it, we can see our intuition in action. And that is why a dowsing pendulum can really be your best friend - ask it anything, and it will reflect back to you your intuition.

Using a dowsing pendulum for finding lost objects, health and life questions

What can we do with a dowsing pendulum?

Oh, the fun we can have with a dowsing pendulum! You can use your pendulum for so many things. Some of these are:

  • Dowsing for natural substances underground such as water, oil or gold. The vibration of the matter being sought can strike an instinctive force within us that causes a movement in the pendulum.
  • Dowsing for decisions. Create a chart showing all the options and hold the dowsing pendulum over it. Our unconscious mind can often weigh up the pros and cons more accurately and quickly than the conscious mind, which can be clouded by wishful thinking!
  • Dowsing for earth energies. Use your dowsing pendulum to seek out beneficial or harmful energy lines or geopathic stress in the earth.
  • Dowsing for the root cause of an illness. Hold the pendulum over the body to identify the area that needs treatment.
  • Dowsing for a remedy. Use a chart to find out which selection of herbs or medicines might be most beneficial.
  • Preventative dowsing for health. Ask your pendulum if a substance is good for you or not.
  • Dowsing for lost objects, such as car keys and wallets. Hold the pendulum over a map or ask questions about the route you have taken that day.
  • Dowsing for psychic phenomena. Take your dowsing pendulum on a ghost hunt.
  • Dowsing for lucky numbers. Hover your pendulum over a numerical graph to see which are your lucky ones!

How to choose your dowsing pendulum

Dowsing pendulums come in many shapes and sizes. Some dowsers prefer to use a beautifully carved crystal on a silver chain. For others, a wooden or metal pendulum is their tool of choice. Some may even opt for a simple key threaded on a string. Some pendulums have a hole in them to house a 'witness', which is a piece of the mineral being sought, or, if you are trying to find a lost pet, one of the animal's hairs. Some dowsers have two or three pendulums, which they use depending on the purpose of their dowsing. You might prefer to use a rose quartz dowsing pendulum for matters concerning the emotions, or an amethyst dowsing pendulum for life decisions. Essentially, what matters most about your dowsing pendulum is your bond, or connection to it.

The best way to hold a dowsing pendulum

To hold a dowsing pendulum, grip the string or chain between your index finger and thumb, and wind any excess string around your index finger. This way to hold a dowsing pendulum is pretty much agreed across the board. However, there is some controversy around which hand to use. Some say you should hold it with your dominant or writing hand. Others suggest holding it with the left hand is better for dowsing as it corresponds with the right brain and the intuition. There is no right or wrong way - experiment to see which feels best for you.

Charge your pendulum

Now that you have chosen your pendulum - or rather, it has chosen you! - it is time to cleanse and charge it. It is generally good practice to cleanse your pendulum after purchasing it. If it is a crystal, you may want to hold it under running water or place it in salt crystals. Alternatively, hold it and set your intention for cleansing and restoration. Once you have cleansed your pendulum, it's time to charge it. This process sets your intention for your pendulum - it's an opportunity to establish your bond with it. You can charge your dowsing pendulum in many ways. Some prepare an elaborate and magical charging ritual that incorporates all the elements, fire, air, earth, water and ether. Another way to charge your pendulum is to leave it overnight in the light of the full moon. Alternatively, simply holding the pendulum, connecting with it, and setting your intention for it will suffice.

Getting to know your pendulum

Once you have cleansed and charged your dowsing pendulum in a way that is meaningful for you, it's time to decipher its unique way of communicating with you.

  1. For a few days, carry your pendulum with you wrapped in silk or couched in a small pouch to avoid harm or scratching.
  2. Every evening, spend a few minutes with it, holding it by its string and allowing it to move without asking any questions or seeking information. During these few days, it is becoming an extension of your psyche.
  3. After a few days, it's time to attune with it in earnest. First, sit and meditate quietly to calm the mind. Anxiety or pressure is a real deterrent for dowsing. Just relax.
  4. Now, hold the string of your pendulum in order to discover your pendulum's Yes or No responses. 
  5. A Yes is often a clockwise circle or ellipse. Once established, this response remains consistent. To find your Yes response, visualise a happy moment, or peak experience in your life. The pendulum will respond to the recollection with its Yes response. 
  6. Once you have established the Yes, it's time to find its opposite. A negative response is often the mirror image of the Yes. For example, if your Yes is clockwise, No will be anticlockwise. To discover your dowsing pendulum's No response, recall a time of disappointment or sadness, and the pendulum will respond accordingly. Follow this quickly with another happy recollection, and your pendulum will express its Yes again.
  7. Ascertain your dowsing pendulum's 'Ask Again' response. If you have not phrased your question in the right way, or you have not gone deep enough with your query, your pendulum will remain still. Try again by rephrasing the question. To identify your pendulum's 'Ask Again' response, think of a time of great confusion – perhaps when you caught the wrong train or got lost. Your pendulum will demonstrate its Ask Again response.

The world is your oyster!

Your dowsing pendulum can become a trusted friend, and your relationship with it will build over time. For those based in London, there is a selection of dowsing pendulums in the College shop... and members get a 15% discount! There is so much more to learn about dowsing - join our dowsing course to discover more!

This article was drawn from the brilliant book Pendulum Dowsing by Cassandra Eason, a copy of which is in the College library.

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