In Memoriam: Psychic Medium Arthur Molinary

With sadness, we share that Arthur Molinary, who served as a mediumship tutor at The College of Psychic Studies for many years, passed away on Friday 26 January 2024.

By: The College of Psychic Studies.   Posted

With sadness, we share that Arthur Molinary, who served as a mediumship tutor at The College of Psychic Studies for many years, and was widely respected as one of the greatest mediums of his day, passed away on Friday 26 January 2024. As well as achieving immense respect in the UK, Arthur, born on 12 January 1945, was honoured and loved in his native Gibraltar, where a bronze bust of him is on display. Here, we share our tributes:

The College Principal, Gill Matini, knew Arthur well, and shares this tribute: "Arthur Molinary was my tutor and friend. He was a sensitive, kind man and an extraordinary psychic medium. I attended his classes at The College of Psychic Studies, and when he retired, a small group of us were fortunate to be taken under his wing. Arthur mentored us, sharing his wealth of experience and no-nonsense approach. We would meet up every month and Arthur would arrange guests for us to practice our psychic mediumship skills on. 

I can recall so clearly, and it makes me smile now just remembering this, if Arthur felt we had not quite reached the standard of mediumship he was looking for, he would often say, "This person who has come through has lived a full life of experiences and memories – is that all the information you can give your sitter?" Arthur was a tough but inspiring teacher and we loved learning and laughing with him. He had a wonderful sense of humour, a dry wit and a twinkle in his eye!

Arthur was very proud of his biography The Little Boy Who Listened, which was written by his dear friend and fellow medium, Ronald Hearn. It traces Arthur's life from his Gibraltan roots to his career as one of Britain's foremost mediums. It gives a real insight into the life of this very private man, who gave so much to so many people. 

We will miss you, Arthur, and I look forward to meeting up again with you one day." 


Senior College Tutor Gerrie March was a colleague of Arthur Molinary. She shares this tribute: "Arthur will be missed by many, including myself. A cheerful presence at the college for so many years, always smiling and joking. He was a dear colleague, ally and friend and I wish him Bon Voyage to receive the rewards owing to him, after a lifetime of service." 


Healer Angela Rigby (Palmer) was also Arthur's colleague. She shares these words: "I am very sad to read of the passing of Arthur Molinary. I taught on the two-year Healing Course for several years and was privileged to be given Room 3, as it was known then, for work with my one-to-one healing clients. We all knew it as 'Arthur's Room'. Arthur was an 'old school' medium with an incredible talent and an essential good sense of humour. He gave me the most wonderful reading which I remember to this day. Fond farewell, Arthur."


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