Meet Emma Schultz, Inspiration from Isolation 2020 art prize winner

The newest addition to our College Archive is Emma Schultz's winning piece, Eternal Journey. Here, she shares what inspires her and how it feels to win the College's 2020 art prize...

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Of the nearly 500 entries for our Inspiration from Isolation 2020 art competition, all the judges fell in love with Emma Schultz's beautiful Eternal Journey. We were so touched by the story behind it, too. Here, we chat to Emma about her spiritual journey, what inspires her and how she feels about being crowned this year's winner... Emma has very kindly donated her winning piece to the College Archive, to be admired by generations to come.

When did you first discover your passion for creating art, Emma?

"I remember I was already so into drawing when I was very little. This was way before school. My parents knew, if they wanted me to be quiet, 'Let her draw!' All I needed, actually, was just to have tools to express myself - a pen and a piece of paper or chalk and asphalt or a tiled pavement - anything really that allowed me to create.

Since my childhood, I have felt a constant flow of infinite creative energy, and I know all I need to do is just open up, tap into it and trust this beautiful creative process."

Who are your favourite artists?

"Gustav Klimt for his amazing detailing and ability to express the character and mood; John Atkinson Grimshaw for his extraordinary nightscape pieces. His paintings are so atmospheric and alive - full of light reflections on wet surfaces, amazing captures of the moonlight and clouds at night. In every piece, I can feel the spirit of a place."

Eternal Journey was inspired by your father – who you've described as your soulmate – passing. Is there anything you'd like to add about your father or the drawing?

"I am grateful to my father, Robertas, for being the brightest light in my life and also for being my wake-up call when he passed away. Eternal Journey is the artwork of my collaboration with him in spirit. This artwork does not speak of goodbye, but of eternal connectedness."

What materials do you use?

"I love creating using various media - aquarelle, pastels, plaster, clay, threads, oil paints and so on. I connect to any medium depending on what I am trying to express or which medium I feel drawn to. Most of the time, ink isograph is my favourite. The thinner the needle, the more I love it, because it allows me to draw microscopic details - from the tiniest dots to lines, from lines to solid shapes, from solid shapes to endless patterns and combinations."

Can you share something of your spiritual journey?

"Since childhood, I have always felt a presence around me. At that time, I did not know what that was, but I knew I was not alone. During my early teenage years I developed a sudden interest in mysticism, felt drawn to various divination cards, runes, books about paganism, astrology, numerology and similar. After school graduation, I left my family home to study architecture. Due to intense studies and an active day-to-day life in general, my attention to the spirit world lessened until my father's passing. Like I mentioned before, my father's death was my wake up call. Usually people think that spiritual awakening feels like suddenly the sun is shining brighter. That's how I used to think too. Well, it's not entirely true. The sun definitely shines brightly now, but only after experiencing the Tower moment - shedding the old self, limiting beliefs and all that is not serving my highest good. Inner rebirth, feeling oneness with everyone and everything, and being connected to the spirit world is the best thing that happened. This experience has led me to study mediumship, healing, the Tarot and other modalities which I find very close to my heart."

What does it mean for you to win the Inspiration from Isolation art competition?

"When I started drawing this piece of art, my only intention was to draw it in memory of my father; to always remember what a beautiful person he was in this life. I had no expectation to win. I entered the competition purely to share the light with other people, especially uplift those who lost their loved ones. Winning this competition is like a 'hello' to me from heaven."

What inspires you?

"Connectedness to everyone and everything, life and all that comes with it."

Emma Schultz has generously contributed her winning artwork, Eternal Journey, to the College Archive collection. Thank you, Emma!

All images © Emma Schultz, of Emma, her studio and her work

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