Psychic numerology: Your life in numbers

College Numerology Tutor Richard Abbot shares his story with numbers in this article from the College Journal Light.

By: Richard Abbot.   Posted

Numbers are everywhere. Like God, or Source, or whatever you wish to call it, numbers are omnipresent. Indeed, everything which has form also has numbers. First, it is important to say that when we talk about numerology, we are not talking about maths. Feel free to breathe a sigh of relief! Though professional genii involved in higher mathematics are essentially doing numerology, all we need say is that numbers are energy and energy can be read.

How numerology can help

Part of the job of a psychic or intuitive is to seek out and provide meaning. A scent on the wind could mean the passing of a loved one, or an unseasonably cold chill in the room could mean the presence of a difficult entity. These are just two examples of possibilities which the untrained sensitive mind will dismiss as being without meaning, or attach too much meaning to. A more experienced sensitive will be able to hone in on what these things mean, which includes discarding what they don't mean.

Psychic numerology makes this task a whole lot easier. It narrows down where we should look for meaning, and where we should not. Numerology, then, is a kind of psychic GPS, showing us where we need to go. But then it's up to us, as sensitives, to get out of the car and look around at the sights.

Global takes on numerology

Numerology has been around for centuries. Both the Ancient Greeks and Chinese made huge strides in what we might call 'number mysticism'. And indeed, to this day, the Chinese culture contains a strong appreciation of the energy of numbers. This shows up in practices such as Feng Shui, the I Ching and the concept of luck. The Sufi branch of Islam also places great value on numbers and the patterns formed by them. These are often made visible in the geometrics of Islamic architecture. Also, in the practice of Kabballah, there exists a complex branch of numerology called Gematria.

Numerology and personality

Much work was done within the New Thought Movement and by the Christian mystics of the Victorian / Edwardian era around how to harness the power of numerology for personal development. This work continued in the 1960s in California, where much refinement of the subject took place. Here, it was used largely as a tool for character and personality analysis. As such, it is a very good way of telling us what we are like.

But going beyond its rules and embracing its psychic dimensions, we can see that numerology is so much more than that. It provides a whole new way of looking at the world, of tracking change, improving relationships, tackling energetic blockages and improving our healing.

My personal journey with numerology

My own journey with psychic numerology began in the autumn of 1989. I had attended a regional psychic fair with the intention of obtaining a tarot reading from a very attractive woman from Liverpool (my motivations as a 17-year-old student were perhaps not that spiritual). After numerous failed attempts, I settled instead for a numerology reading from someone I can only describe as an old man who looked like he 'knew stuff'.

Unfortunately, as soon as he started talking about my numbers, the session – I felt – became a load of rubbish. Not only did it make no sense, but when it did seem to be about me. It was such a different version of me as to be unrecognisable. I paid the old man his £10, took the tape recording he had made and went home, very disappointed. The cassette tape went in the drawer without a second thought.

It turns out...

Fast forward six months. My life had gone rapidly downhill with many genuine disasters befalling me, causing me to drop out of my studies, get a job and then move out of home. As I was packing, I happened upon the cassette tape from the old man. I put it on to play it in search of a laugh. This time, from the moment he began to speak, my life changed. Now there was a voice, echoing from six months past, telling me all about myself, all about what would happen, and all about how I could have avoided it. Why had I not heard then what I could so clearly hear now?

I had to follow this up, so I arranged to visit him. Upon my arrival, we got straight to it. 'You are a three,' he said. 'This means you are a communicator and must write and speak for a living.' I recoiled in horror. 'That's not me. I'm not like that at all!' I cried. 'I know,' he said. 'How's that working out for you?'

Letting the numbers lead

Of course, it wasn't. So, I took a leap of faith. Though it took some time until I completely welcomed what the numbers were telling me, my vision of myself was so very different from what they suggested. I embraced their calling and heeded their guidance. I timed, using numerology, the best moment to ask out a woman in the office, and she said yes. I timed, again using the numbers, when best to buy a scratch card and won small amounts repeatedly.

I looked at the numbers of friends and helped them navigate their life trauma, enabling them to keep faith with the energies which were always with them, as distinct from those which came and went with the passing of every day, month and year. I used numerology to successfully apply for three successive job changes and took countless daily decisions based upon the numbers.

A new direction

My life got better and better as numerology showed me how to see and focus on the most positive and creative side of others, not to be in ignorance of their more negative traits, but not to focus on those either.

As a budding sensitive working in stressful environments, I came to see how useful numerology was in helping me separate signals from noise. Numerology repeatedly helped me to know where to look, what to take notice of and what to ignore.

I taught it to others every chance I had and watched others' lives transform in the same way mine had done. Of course, numerology is by no means the only thing that can help us in these ways. However, I would argue that it is easy to learn and simple to put into practice, moment by moment. You do not need complicated software or any ability whatsoever with maths.

The numerology of letters

All we do in numerology is to add simple numbers together in easy and repeatable ways and then change the letters of words into numbers and add those up too. That's right, letters are numbers and therefore all words and all names contain energies that can be read. The great genius Albert Einstein said: 'Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.'

Mathematics v Numerology

It's a great shame the way many people were introduced to numbers at school has not helped them appreciate the multi-dimensional energetic life which numbers reveal. But by exploring psychic numerology, we can correct that. Far from being restrictive or definitive, knowledge of the number energies which govern your name, your date of birth, the town you were born in and the place you live now opens up a whole new world of psychic possibilities. Previously invisible connections become clear and the movement of energy starts to make a whole lot more sense.

It is a fascinating subject which has no end, but which makes the journey of life so much richer.

This article by Richard Abbot was first published in Light in 2017.

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