Spirit guides & guardian angels: Our helpers on the other side

No psychic medium works alone - we have a team of spirit guides to support and assist us. Here are just a few types of spirit guide you might encounter...

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Alongside every skilled psychic medium is a team of spirit guides and helpers. It is never just about the medium - it's always a team effort. In fact, in many cases, the medium's spirit guides are as well-known as - or even more than - the medium, for example Silver Birch, who was a spirit guide who communicated through the mediumship of Maurice Barbanell (1902-1981). 

It should come as no surprise, then, that an important aspect of the College's mediumship training is developing our relationship with our team of spirit guides and helpers. These helpers on the 'other side' are just as important as our trusty psychic development tutors on this side! The stronger your connection with your spirit helpers and guides, the more able you are to decode and understand their messages, and the more accurate, clear and connected a medium you will be. So who, exactly, are these spirit guides and helpers on the other side?

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides, or etheric world intelligences, are non-physical entities that provide guidance, support and assistance to us throughout our life. They have lived innumerable lives on earth and therefore have compassion for and a deep understanding of the human condition. Our team of spirit guides is helpful in providing support for our spiritual journey and personal growth. They guide us on our life path, offering wisdom, insight and protection. 

Our spirit guides and helpers do not intercede unless called upon. They do not make choices for us, but they do offer guidance. Spirit guides are higher on the evolutionary scale than humans on this earthly plane, with a higher level of awareness and consciousness. Operating with the universal law of 'like attracts like', 'superior' qualitative intelligences are drawn to those with a higher frequency. You'll learn to raise your frequency, and to develop your relationship with your spirit guides, in our online courses.

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Spirit guides come in various forms, and we each have our own team of guides that we can call on for guidance and assistance. Our team of spirit guides and helpers is unique to us... and it is part of the fun of getting to know them! Here are just a few of the various kinds of spirit guide you might encounter in your journey of psychic development.

Guardian spirits & guardian angels

Guardian spirits and guardian angels are assigned at birth and appointed to watch over and protect us throughout our life. They are spiritual beings that act as our protectors. They offer guidance, assistance, and protection in times of need. Guardian spirits are often associated with shamanic practices and indigenous traditions, while guardian angels - celestial beings of light and love - are associated with the Abrahamic traditions. 


A gatekeeper acts as a guardian or protector of a particular realm, space or threshold. They are responsible for regulating access, maintaining boundaries and ensuring the integrity of the space they oversee. A gatekeeper may be invoked to guard and protect the entry points or gateways between different realms or dimensions. They are seen as intermediaries who control access to these realms and assist in establishing a safe and protected environment for spiritual exploration or communication. Some refer to their gatekeeper as a personal spirit guide or protector who assists us in navigating our spiritual journey. They help us maintain boundaries, provide guidance and keep us safe from negative energies or influences.

Ancestral spirits

Ancestral spirits are the spirits of deceased relatives or ancestors who provide guidance and support to their living descendants. They have great knowledge and wisdom and offer guidance and healing. Ancestral spirits are not limited to individual family lines but can also encompass broader collective or cultural ancestors. They can include tribal or ethnic ancestors, national heroes or figures of cultural significance. 

Ascended masters 

Ascended masters are enlightened beings who have transcended the cycle of reincarnation and have achieved a higher level of spiritual evolution. They are highly advanced spiritual teachers and guides who have attained a state of enlightenment or ascension, and include the Buddha, Krishna and Jesus. The concept of ascended masters is found in various spiritual traditions and belief systems, including Theosophy, New Age spirituality, and certain Eastern and Western mystical traditions. 

Totem animals & power animals

Totem animals are spiritual beings or animal spirits that are associated with specific individuals or clans. They offer guidance, wisdom and protection based on the qualities and characteristics associated with that animal. Totem animals are commonly found in indigenous cultures. A power animal is specific to each individual, and has qualities, support and guidance that are helpful to the individual.

Developing your relationship with your spirit guides

There are many more types of spirit guide - more than we can possibly list in one article. Our relationship with our spirit guides is very personal and unique to us. It takes dedication and trust to develop that close connection and learn to receive their messages clearly. It's a rewarding journey - we invite you to meet yours in our online courses!

(Much of this article is extracted from the Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary, a copy of which is available in the College library)

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