Tarot Tales with College Tarot Master Avril Price

Our esteemed tarot tutor Avril Price reveals her favourite tarot decks and rituals, and why her love for the cards has endured for so long...

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Many graduates from The College of Psychic Studies have passed through Avril Price's spectacular tarot courses at some point. Having previously trained at the College, Avril has been teaching our tarot courses for many years. And with a relationship that has endured for more than three decades, she has plenty of tarot tales to tell. Here, Avril reveals her most treasured decks, her history with the cards and her secret passion for 'vegetable tv'!

What's your favourite tarot deck?

"I love my Rider Waite Smith deck as it is so rich and has the ability to constantly contemporise itself. I love The Morgan Greer deck too. It loves to work and do its thing. But apart from these working decks, my favourite might be The Rumi deck by Nigel Jackson. It is stuffed full of Sufi wisdom which translates so well into modern issues regarding spiritual growth. I like some of the teachings of these early Sufi masters and this deck conveys them very well and has added a new perspective to the Tarot cards."

What first sparked your interest in the tarot?

"From being very young, I had an innate interest in the mystical and the spiritual. My grandfather and great grandmother read playing cards and tea leaves. It was always utterly fascinating to sit and listen to them as they did this. It was not a professional reading but more of a pastime with them. They came from Welsh and South Yorkshire mining communities and it seemed like a cultural thing to do. I came across tarot cards as a young woman and it seemed quite natural to connect to them."

When did you get your first deck?

"I was 23 when I was gifted my first deck. It was given to me by a boyfriend who had them lying around. He didn't quite get it! He thought I'd enjoy them and how right he was. They were a Spanish version of the Marseille deck. They certainly consolidated my love for the mystical! Little did I - or anyone - realise at the time, just how significant they'd become to me in my own life. Those cards and I began quite a journey together. I still have them."

Avril Price with her first tarot deck, the Marseille tarot

What do you remember about your first ever tarot reading?

"I was living in a women's refuge at the time. I had 3 small children and needed a safe space to figure a few things out…so did the other women who lived in the house. Every Monday evening, we would gather around the kitchen table to chat about our individual stories. I had my tarot cards with me and I would practice my tarot skills on the girls. We would look at what was going on, to see what the cards might be telling us. What was remarkable about those Monday sessions, they not only taught me many things, but they brought much peace into the house. I'd like to think that they were useful to the women concerned. I realised from this experience that tarot is probably the most powerful tool in the world for self discovery and empowerment."

Which tarot card most represents you?

"One way of answering this question would be to say that all the cards take a turn in self representation. To pick one, I'd say it'd be The Empress. She embodies my love of creative thinking as well as a love of the world I inhabit. I'd like to think I'm in touch with a sense of abundance. Most of all, I cherish my role as a facilitator for others on their tarot journey, be they course participant or a client."

Any favourite tarot rituals?

"I regularly select a card of the day, I do this both for myself and for the collective. It can be a source of personal teaching for me and offers insights into my own journey into maturity. I like to clean my cards using a tuning fork. I'm a big believer in sound healing and its ability to penetrate stagnant energy, transforming it into something more fluid. Apart from that, I like to be as natural as possible with my tarots. After all, they are an extension of me."

What do you love most about the tarot?

"Tarot is so magical in every sense of the word. One of the awesome things it can do is to create a platform for dialogue. A reading shouldn't be a passive experience. By having the cards on the table and discussing what emerges from the tarots, you can have meaningful and relevant conversation which you wouldn't necessarily have elsewhere. Also, I just love how a card will pop out of the deck that sums up your situation or whatever is going on within, this can be tremendously healing and life affirming."

Quickfire round

Dominant colour in your wardrobe? Lots of reds and pinks! Maybe some orange and a bit of black but vibrant colours are a winner!
Dog or cat person?
Dogs! I love them. I have kept cats in the past but I don't have the same synergy with them as I have with a dog. I have had dogs as companions for many years and I respect their desire to be of service to us. I have a rescue dog from Spain called Maeve. We have been together for 4 months now and I am so proud of her progress. She has gone from timid girl to bright and shining, she even won TWO rosettes in a local dog show recently. Wowser!
What's on your bedside table? 
Beside my bed, I have a journal made from unprocessed paper which sounds great but it's not easy to write on! I have a selection of books, Tarot themed of course! I have the Light Seers Tarot deck, a dictionary and a lamp that looks like a Hare and various creams and paraphernalia.
Last movie you watched? 
Ali and Ava. I came across it by chance and was quite taken with the story, possibly as it's set in the North of England where I came from so I was a bit nostalgic. It tells of a cross-cultural romance and all the nuances that go with it. It's a good tale.
Guilty pleasure?
I love vegetable TV! I watch the soaps and all the stuff that doesn't make your brain ache!
Breakfast of champions? 
Oat and banana pancakes with yoghurt and fruit.
Favourite time of day? 
Can I have two?! I like mornings as I love to feel energised and have the day stretching out in front of me. Then, later in the evening, around 9.30. I can switch off, curl up on the sofa with Maeve and have tea and biscuits!
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in West Yorkshire. I lived in several towns but I spent the longest time in Huddersfield.
Last thing that made you laugh?
My granddaughter, Georgia. She is full of fun and her perception of life is both very interesting and very funny!
Have you ever seen a ghost?
I have never seen a ghost as in a person but I have certainly experienced them. I tend to call them shape people, as I don't see a definite outline but more of a shifting energy pattern. They visit from time to time. I have had several experiences over the years that are unexplainable. In some ways, I like it to be like that, unexplainable!

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