The College during Covid-19

The College doors are open on Wednesdays & Fridays, 11am-4pm - you are welcome to pop in!

By: The College Of Psychic Studies.   Posted

We know that many of you are keen to join us in person back at the College. We are running a limited number of in-person workshops over the summer. In the meantime, our online programme is rich with courses, workshops, talks and masterclasses - we look forward to seeing you soon.

Is the College open?

Our doors are open every Wednesday and Friday, 11am-4pm. No need to book or register, just ring the doorbell and we will let you in. You are welcome to read in the library, or enjoy a peaceful pause in our sanctuary. Our crystal and bookshop is also open, with a 15% discount for College members.  

Please do join us online for our full programme of courses, workshops and events. For updates, please read this letter from our President.

Do you observe social distancing at the College?

In-person workshops at the College will be held only in the Lecture Hall with limited participants to allow for social distancing. Chairs will be set out before each event to observe the recommended distancing rules. The room will be thoroughly aired before the event starts and during breaks. Of course, you are welcome to wear a face mask in the common areas. 

Will there be hand sanitisers available?

Hand sanitisers are available at the College entrance and on every floor, including at the entrance to classrooms. Please do use them regularly to safeguard yourself and your fellow students.

Are we able to use the kitchen?

Our kitchens will remain closed. Please bring drinking water with you to any event.

Can I use the library?

Yes, you are welcome to enjoy the library. However, all books are for reference only and cannot be loaned out.

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