Tutor Carol Nayach on being an Arcturian Starseed

College Tutor Carol Nayach works with the Arcturians for personal and planetary healing. Here, she shares what it means to be an Arcturian Starseed and how she works with these light beings.

By: Carol Nayach.   Posted

Carol Nayach has been teaching about Arcturians and Arcturian Starseeds at the College since 2018. Through her workshops, she invites us to journey into higher planes of consciousness with the Arcturians and other star beings. But who are the Arcturians, and what does it mean to work with them for healing? Here, Carol shares her experience...

Who are the Arcturians?

"The Arcturians are said to be the most evolved beings in our section of the Universe. They are in charge of our Ascension process, working under the direction of Lord Sananda and Archangel Metatron. It is said that once the Arcturians put their energy around a planet, the beings evolve very quickly. Elohim Arcturus is the Elohim of the Violet Ray. Their Light is blue, always contains the violet ray, and they work in oneness with all rays and Beings supporting our ascension."

How did you start working with them?

"My work with the Arcturians began when I picked up a channelled book from the Arcturians by David Miller. Immediately the Arcturian Helio-Ah came down through my crown and into my heart. It was then that I knew I would be working with the Arcturians. I later discovered that I am an Arcturian Starseed.

I began the process of inner work to become a clear channel for the Arcturian energies, and the many Beings of Light who wished to work with me. As we all know, the inner work is not easy. For me, working with the Arcturians went very much against the grain. I knew since childhood that I wanted to become enlightened and was extremely uncomfortable with anything in myself that was not of the purity of Christ consciousness. 

I had to let go of self-judgement and low self-worth. I later learned that purity is achieved much more by acceptance than judgement. However, having to change my thoughts about myself from judgement to higher thoughts was essential. Over time, much fear dissolved and low self-worth became a smaller part of myself.

So my work began in earnest and I started a meditation group channelling high frequencies with the Arcturians and others. All those who attended received a huge increase in their spiritual light quotient. Since lockdown, I moved onto Zoom, which has been wonderful as people can join in from many different countries."

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How do you bring through their frequencies?

"My work whether personal or planetary is always based in surrendering to the divine and allowing the star beings, ascended masters, archangels to work through me at the highest frequencies. They have the higher consciousness, higher intelligence, and know exactly what is needed in cooperation with the soul. I step aside.

During our guided meditations, I connect to my higher mind and allow the words and energies to flow through. It is always the transmission of higher Light and Love that raises people's spiritual light quotient and accelerates their ascension process. Their frequency rises into an experience of their 5D consciousness. During our questions and answers time, I find the more my consciousness expands, more and more of my own inner wisdom becomes available to me."

Do you have a guide? 

"It seems Lord Sananda is my main guide and teacher with close connections to Sirius, Andromeda and many ascended masters."

What are they asking you to do right now?

"We are now doing incredibly powerful work for our Planet. This involves clearing and reactivating Gaia's power spots, many of which are unknown, and bringing through Christ consciousness. It's very intense work. Much of my work has focused on Gaia's heart chakra so far, though we have just worked, very successfully, on the sacred valley of the Incas and Lake Titicaca.

I was guided to go to the Spanish Pyrenees and found a tiny farmhouse in a magical place. It's half way up a forested mountain and The Valley below is full of magic. It is now a powerful Arcturian base and portal and they say the energy there is now able to go several times around the Planet and to the outer edges of the Galaxy. The violet flame anchored there can be used to transmute anything anywhere on the Planet. Much more has transpired from the places I was guided to go to, but let's not make this article too long!"

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