Rachel Patterson’s waxing crescent moon spell for prosperity

College Tutor Rachel Patterson shares why the waxing crescent moon is such a potent phase, and how it's the perfect time for a prosperity moon spell.

By: Rachel Patterson.   Posted

High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven and tutor at The College of Psychic Studies, Rachel Patterson has decades of experience in folk magic, witchcraft and moon spells, and is a warm, wise and inclusive teacher. This witch really walks her talk! Here, Rachel reveals why the waxing crescent moon is so potent, and shares a simple moon spell to tap into its energy of prosperity.

Chart showing moon phases for moon spells

Waxing crescent Moon means abundance

The waxing crescent Moon describes the phase that's midway between the new Moon and first quarter. It appears a few days after the new Moon - bigger than a slither but not yet a quarter. Waxing crescent Moon magic brings the energy of 'increasing'. This is the time to focus on: 

  • prosperity, abundance & attraction
  • creativity, inspiration & motivation
  • luck 
  • power 
  • business & career
  • fertility 
  • communication 
  • moving forwards & growth

The waxing crescent Moon phase is all about manifesting, intentions, wishes and determination. When the Moon is waxing, it's a good time to start work on projects and bring in new things and new people - to add to your life. The energy is beginning to rise. This is the phase for building.

4 ways to harness the waxing crescent Moon energy

  • Write down your goals and desires. Stand outside under the Moon and read the list aloud. Leave the list outside to charge with Moon energy, or inside on a windowsill. Then place the list on your altar.
  • Ask the Moon for an unexpected gift. Stand under her and put in the request. Don't be specific, the Moon knows better than you do, what you need.
  • Meditate sitting under the Moon, outside if you have a safe place, or inside by a window. Just sit quietly and focus on the Moon and the phase she is in. Ask her what guidance she has for you.
  • Work with a long-term money spell, plan out your finances.

Waxing Crescent Moon Spell for Prosperity

Perform this prosperity spell during the waxing crescent moon to harness the potent manifesting energies of this moon phase.

Ingredients for the waxing crescent moon spell for prosperity

You will need:

  • A white candle to represent you and 'the all'.
  • Four green, gold or orange candles. Green uses colour magic to represent prosperity and money.
  • A compass (or compass app on your phone). The compass is used to find the directions but also symbolises your own direction in life.
  • A gold or silver coin to represent money and prosperity.

We will be working with the four compass directions; these all have meaning:

  • North – finances, stability and material matters
  • East – intellect and inspiration
  • South – passion and energy
  • West – Emotions, intuition and releasing

10 steps to create your Moon spell:

1. Place your white candle in the centre of a safe, level space.

2. Use your compass (or compass app) to ascertain the four directions of North, South, East and West.

3. Place a green candle at each of the four directions, in a square around the main white candle.

4. Place the coin between the white candle and the green candle in the North.

5. Light the white candle.

6. Say this chant or one of your own, three times out loud. At the end of each chant turn the coin over.

"Drawing magic from the waxing crescent Moon
Bring to me, fresh opportunities and new money soon
As I turn this gold/silver coin around
Prosperity and financial security to me abounds"

7. Then starting with the green candle in the North, light all four saying at each direction:

"Waxing crescent Moon money arrive in from the North
Waxing crescent Moon money blow in from the East
Waxing crescent Moon money blast in from the South
Waxing crescent Moon money wash in from the West"

8. Sit quietly watching the flames and visualise money flowing to you and doors opening for new opportunities.

9. Finish by saying: "make it so."

10. Extinguish the candles and pop the coin in your purse.

Happy manifesting!

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