What are the 13 chakras?

The 13 chakras include the original seven. The extra six chakras accommodate our evolution through the new energies of our time. Discover what the 13 chakras are, and how to activate them.

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If you have completed a beginners' psychic development course at The College of Psychic Studies, you're already familiar with the seven chakra system. This system of seven energy centres runs from the root chakra (muladhara) at the base of the spine to the crown chakra (sahasrara) at the top of the head. However, as humanity evolves and elevates into increasingly refined frequencies, we have realised an additional six chakras to the original seven. The 13 chakra system has been adopted by many on the path of ascension. But what are the 13 chakras? And how can knowing about them support us? We outline the 'extra' chakras in the 13 chakra system.

The Earth Star Chakra

The Earth Star Chakra connects us with Mother Earth. Located beneath the soles of our feet, this chakra governs our connection with nature and our beautiful planet. The Earth Star Chakra anchors our energy field, and calibrates us with the energy field of Mother Gaia. It is the bridge between our individual energy field and the Earth's energy grid. When this chakra is activated and balanced, we are safe custodians of our planet. We respect nature, honour the living world around us, and connect with the creatures and animals with which we share our planet. We are highly tuned in with the natural world.

When our Earth Star Chakra is out of balance, we are disconnected from the natural world around us. This can cause us to feel ungrounded and anxious. Additionally, we have little regard for the environment and do not recognise the impact of our actions on nature.

To activate the Earth Star chakra, practice grounding techniques such as spending time in nature, walking barefoot, camping under the stars, forest bathing and visualising a connection between the Earth Star Chakra and the centre of the Earth. Learn about and connect with nature spirits and plant devas to develop this relationship.

The Higher Heart Chakra

    The Higher Heart Chakra, also known as the Thymus Chakra, is the seat of the soul. It is located in the centre of the chest, just above the heart chakra (anahata) and below the throat chakra (vishuddha). The Higher Heart Chakra is associated with the energies of love, patience, compassion, and tolerance, which are key ingredients for our spiritual transformation. Both heart and throat energies integrate at the Higher Heart Chakra. In this chakra, we speak from the heart with compassion and wholehearted love. We express ourselves with love and kindness. We heal through our words, and we engage with the world in the energy of pure love.

    To activate the Higher Heart Chakra, practice metta bhavana (loving kindness). Also, chanting a high-vibrational, uplifting mantra together with a group of like-hearted people awakens the Higher Heart Chakra. 

    The Lalana Chakra or Talu Chakra 

    The Lalana Chakra (sometimes known as the Talu Chakra) is connected with the vishuddha. It is located at the roof of the mouth at the back of the soft upper palate. Lalana Chakra enhances the connection between the vishuddha and ajna (third eye) and an activation of this chakra leads to expanded consciousness and an ability to perceive astral entities. We are able to bring through guidance from the higher planes. According to the ancient yogis, active Lalana and vishuddha chakras hold the key to youth and vitality.

    Ancient yogis activated the Lalana Chakra through khechari mudra - placing the tip of the tongue on the back of the upper palate during meditation. Translated as 'flying' mudra, khechari mudra's activation would induce spiritual bliss and liberation for the practitioner - and it purportedly stopped the aging process!

    The Soma Chakra

    The Soma Chakra is located just above the ajna, or third eye chakra, in the centre of the forehead. This chakra enhances the qualities of the ajna chakra. It brings us into an even deeper, more nuanced appreciation of our intuition and opens our ability to receive messages from beyond. The Soma Chakra essentially opens us up to divine guidance, whether that guidance comes from Spirit, our ancestors, the Ascended Masters, galactic beings or our guides and angels. 

    To activate the Soma Chakra, meditate regularly. The more we meditate, the quieter our mind becomes and the more clearly we are able to receive messages of guidance and support. Practice channelling and trance mediumship to activate the Soma Chakra.

    The Soul Star Chakra

    Located above the crown chakra within the auric field, the Soul Star Chakra is our connection to our soul's journey. At this chakra, we are aware of our soul's path and purpose in this incarnation. Additionally, we connect to the Akashic Records through the Soul Star Chakra, meaning we remember past lives and can see the bigger picture in every situation. We are under no illusions about our divine nature as light beings, and we are able to integrate this light into this three-dimensional reality. We can see beyond the trappings of the material world and remain committed to our higher purpose.

    We support the Soul Star Chakra through remaining open-minded and open-hearted. Become the eternal student. Every spiritual pursuit supports the Soul Star Chakra. Whether a course at The College of Psychic Studies or a daily meditation practice, it will guide you further on your soul's path. There are many paths to self-realisation - remain interested, and consider all with an open mind and heart. Learn to listen with your soul. 

    The Stellar Gateway Chakra

    Above the Soul Star Chakra is the ultimate centre of the 13 chakra system: The Stellar Gateway Chakra. This chakra is located above the Soul Star and is our gateway to all that is / Universe / Source Energy. When our Stellar Gateway Chakra is activated, we travel beyond this earthly plane to connect with beings and entities across dimensions and galaxies. This chakra is key to our spiritual awakening, elevating us to ever-increasing frequencies of unconditional love and connection with all.

    How to activate the 13 chakras

    The 13 chakra system invites us to look deeper at our relationship with ourselves and the world. Simply by exploring what the 13 chakras are, we invite new possibilities for deepening our understanding of these energy centres and what we can learn from them. We come to see in greater clarity our truth as divine beings, and how we can reflect that divinity back to others and the world.

    This system of 13 chakras is subtle. A good way to activate the entire 13 chakra system, including the Stellar Gateway Chakra, is through a process that is equally subtle - sound healing. The frequency of sound helps to clear, align and activate these subtle energy centres. Each chakra has its own frequency, and sound healing can recalibrate that frequency. 

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