What does it mean to be spiritual?

College Tarot Tutor & Consultant Avril Price reveals that 'being spiritual' is simpler than we may think.

By: Avril Price.   Posted

Let's take a mindful moment and ask ourselves: 'What does it mean to be spiritual?' We often talk about manifesting objects of desire, our dreams and potential. But before we can do any of that, we must first understand that we are co-creators with the Universe. We are responsible for co-creating our heart's desires. 

Having a 'moment'

In order to co-create our heart's desires, we must first know what those desires are. Do we truly know what is in our heart? And are we ever likely to find out? As we wade through the chaos of our lives, will we get to any point that closely resembles a 'moment' of clarity? Reflection and contemplation can occur at any time - not just on the meditation cushion. Inane household activities are particularly conducive to epiphany moments. In my case, cleaning up the kitchen has produced some fabulous and inspired ideas about the machinations of the Universe and what it means to be spiritual; real gems of creative thought... only to be dashed by having to rush out of the door to keep an appointment. 

A Little Book of Calm

It is a good idea to have a journal with a pretty cover and jot down your own 'moments' and affirmations. Make these affirmations up... this is your own Little Book of Calm. Think of those flash points in your life when you might need an affirmation to keep yourself centred spiritually.

Choose your environment wisely

For example, if you feel that you are uninspired by the TV, the newspapers or radio, switch them off! Here is the first affirmation for your Little Book of Calm: 'I no longer wish to be in an environment that does not inspire the highest good for my spirit.' 

Wish well

Our personal wishes and dreams are only truly realised by the blessings and good vibes from those that love and support us. It is imperative, therefore, that we wish blessings for the good fortune of others... and mean it. Altruism is an aspect of what it means to be spiritual. I am fond of the adage: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. It always has been and always will be of vital importance that we care about each other and what happens to our planet. That, in itself, is spiritual.

Be honest

Truth is a necessity if you're ever going to live in harmony with spirit. Truth is essential if you are to become a source of inspiration to others. Truth and honesty connect us to our higher will and purpose. Each of us is spirit having a human experience and by so doing we reveal spirit on earth.

Make an altar

Don't run away from the word altar! It is only a word. Find a corner in your house that is peaceful but where it can have your attention. Dress a small table or surface with a cloth, place on it objects that are about you, your situation, your loved ones...your favourite crystals perhaps, stones, flowers or spiritual figurines. All of these things create triggers for spiritual thought. Ask the Great Spirit for a blessing for your table.

Sit with your heroes

We all need a little soul food from time to time. Read a favourite author, play that beautiful music. Engage with artwork or photography that lights your fire. Make food and drink that is essential and vibrant for your body. Feel good about yourself. When we sit with our heroes not only do we become a hero ourselves but we encourage blessings from the universe for our plans and projects.

Create a vision board

Many people don't have a vision of their future. It is important to love your future and engage with your passion. What is your passion? The vision board will help you to discover how to be your passion. Through our passion we begin to understand the purpose of our spirit.


If you have a busy house then go to the bathroom! Scent and bubbles, soft lights or candles, let the warm water soothe and relax you. Breathe into the spirit within and allow yourself to feel the connection. What pictures and ideas come forth? These are clues to your spiritual well being.

Tidy up your workplace

Put things away that are not relevant to the task in hand. As you do so, think of your intentions and what you are trying to achieve. Nothing is ever wasted, every moment has the potential to be a sacred moment. See the blessings in your life, it is not what we haven't got... but what we have got that counts.

What does it mean to be spiritual?

The most spiritual thing we can do is simply to be alive. Our earthly life is all about experience. It could be argued that all experiences are spiritual. Our spiritual nature is not a hurricane blowing its way through life, but more of a steady progression, a journey into spiritual maturity. Be thankful and have faith. Have you ever considered your life to be a divinely chosen experience from a divinely chosen plan?

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