What is a psychic attack?

Feeling a little off key but no idea why? You might be experiencing a psychic attack. We outline the fundamentals, from how to recognise it to what you can do about it.

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If you find yourself feeling a little on edge, and can't fathom a reason why, it may be that you are the recipient of a psychic attack. Psychic attacks are fairly common. After all, we share this world with so many different people, each with their own energy, thoughts, expectations, moods, and emotions. It is probable that we have each experienced a psychic attack at some point in our life, whether we were aware of it or not. They can cause us to feel anxious, negative or even headachy and nauseous. The good news? Despite their rather abrasive name, there's no need to be afraid of them. They are simple to navigate and release if we know what a psychic attack is, how to recognise it, and how to protect ourselves.

What is a psychic attack?

Put simply, a psychic attack is the transference of negative energy between two individuals. The individuals might be complete strangers. Perhaps they are aware of each other, as one may be aware of an author or local personality. However, more commonly, these two individuals are connected in some way – it might be a sibling, a childhood friend, a colleague or someone you met in the supermarket. Psychic attacks tend to occur between two individuals that have a bond or connection of some kind.

So what is a psychic attack? There are two kinds: Deliberate and accidental.

  • Deliberate psychic attacks are when the sender deliberately directs their hatred, anger, jealousy, harm, illness, unpleasant circumstances, confusion etc towards a recipient. As a result, the recipient feels vulnerable, uncomfortable, ill or negative for no apparent reason, not understanding that these feelings are not their own.
  • Accidental psychic attacks occur when we have strong emotional thoughts or feelings about someone – most often someone we care about or feel strongly about. We might fear for their safety, or be concerned for their health. Although these feelings come from a genuine, well-meaning place, the thought form is picked up by the recipient of these thoughts or feelings. They take on the fear or anxiety as their own.

Whether the psychic attack is deliberate or accidental, the victim of psychic attack can receive it, and then unconsciously pass on this thought-form, emotion or feeling to someone else. And so, we can see how easy it is to perpetuate the energy of the psychic attack!

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Who can send a psychic attack?

Anyone can send a psychic attack. If there's a bond of love – or indeed, hate - between two people, a psychic attack is easier to transfer. Furthermore, if you have spent a whole day or evening with someone, it can open the transference of moods, emotions – even a headache – after the encounter. If you have spent the afternoon with someone, and are overwhelmed by a strange mood after leaving them, then it is likely that they have (perhaps unwittingly!) transferred their emotions to you.

This is because things – whether animate or inanimate – will continue to act upon each other, even at a distance, once they have been in contact with each other. This influence can continue long after the physical contact has ended. Something that comes into contact with something else influences it. For example, we can use a necklace in a healing ceremony to represent the necklace's owner, or we can use a pet's water bowl in radiesthesia to help locate the missing animal.

An inborn trait?

Some individuals are more adept at sending and receiving thought messages, emotions and illnesses to or from others, either deliberately or unknowingly. It is an inborn trait that can also be learned through practice. For those to whom this trait comes naturally, this form of telepathy flows frequently, spontaneously and randomly – and it can become a nuisance. Indeed, friends may stay away to prevent mind invitation, or picking up emotions that are not their own. Strict mental discipline and daily periods of meditation are necessary to control this inborn trait and the same is necessary to develop it. If you feel you have this trait, and would like help in navigating it, our psychic mediumship courses can help.

How to identify a psychic attack

A psychic attack is easy to identify once you know what you're looking for. If you feel uncomfortable, anxious, nauseous, or in a strangely negative mood, and you are unsure about the root cause of these feelings – they feel alien to you - then it is likely that you have experienced a psychic attack, whether deliberate or accidental. 

To test whether unpleasant or uncomfortable physical feelings or emotions that have appeared for no apparent reason are a psychic attack or not, silently repeat the following statement: 'I send this back to where it came from.' If your discomfort is a result of a psychic attack, and does not belong to you, it will dissipate immediately.

How to protect against psychic attack

Anyone who has graduated from our psychic and mediumship courses will know the immense value of remaining protected. It is one of the first things we teach in our beginner level courses. Creating a psychic shield around yourself will keep you safe from psychic attack, whether deliberate or accidental. Your psychic shield protects you from low-quality or negative vibrations.

A simple way to create and establish your psychic shield is through positive affirmations, prayers, self-blessings and genuinely positive inner dialogue. These high-vibrational affirmations, backed by loving intentions, build a protective shield around you. You can also imagine you are in a protective bubble, or an impenetrable spacesuit. Perhaps you are wearing a cloak of pure positivity. Nothing can enter beyond this shield unless you allow it.

A statement that you can use to create your protective cloak is: 'I am surrounded by the great all-good of totality; only good do I send out and only good do I receive'. This positive energy will surround you, preventing negative, harmful or erroneous psychic energy from entering your field. If repeated each morning, it helps keep you focused and clear, and prevents negative thoughts from cluttering your mind.

You'll learn in our psychic and mediumship courses to create your psychic shield before opening up your psychic senses, before heading into any crowds, before going to work or driving. It becomes a daily habit. Remind yourself every day that you will only accept psychic information that is for your highest and best good.

This article draws on The Donning International Psychic Encyclopedic Dictionary by June G Bletzer (PhD), 1987, for its source material.

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