What is clairsentience and how do I develop it?

Do you feel all the feels? Are you blessed with a strong gut instinct? That's clairsentience. We explain what clairsentience is, and how we can harness and develop it.

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Ever met up with a friend and instantly felt their mood? Or walked into The College of Psychic Studies and sensed its unique history? Or perhaps you have a strong gut feeling that you always rely on to tell you what feels right or wrong. That feeling is known as clairsentience. So what is clairsentience, really? And how can we fine-tune and develop this felt sense?

What is clairsentience?

Clairsentience is one of the psychic senses, or clairs. Clair means 'clear', while sentience means 'feeling', so clairsentience means 'clear feeling', and is sometimes referred to as 'empathic intuition'. It involves perceiving or sensing information through our emotional or energetic feelings. College students with clairsentient abilities can pick up on the emotions, energy, or vibrations of people, places, objects, or situations, even if they are not physically present. We teach you how to develop your clairsentience in our psychic courses.

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Am I clairsentient?

Many of us have some inkling of clairsentience - that felt sense about people, situations and places. Indeed, a large proportion of students at the College of Psychic Studies have this gift. There are some individuals who, either through inherent skill or through practice, have stronger clairsentience than others. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that clairsentience is one of your strong points:

Acute emotional perception: Clairsentients have a heightened sensitivity to emotions. We can sense and tune into the emotional states of others, experiencing them as if they were our own. This ability allows us to empathise deeply and connect with others on an emotional level. You might say that clairsentients are often empaths.

Sensitive to energy: Clairsentients are sensitive to energetic vibrations and can easily perceive the energy signatures of people, places, or objects. We may experience sensations such as tingling, warmth, or pressure in different parts of our body in response to specific energies. Of course, everyone is unique, and we experience clairsentience in different ways.

Strong gut instincts: Clairsentients often rely on gut instincts or intuition. We have a strong inner knowing or a "feeling in our gut" about people or situations. This intuitive guidance helps us navigate and make decisions based on our emotional and energetic perceptions.

Good listeners: Clairsentients are often natural empaths. We can deeply connect with others, understand their emotions, and offer support and healing. Our ability to sense and absorb emotions enables us to provide comfort and guidance to those in need.

Smart at sensing auras: Clairsentients can perceive and interpret the subtle energy fields - auras - that surround individuals. We may sense shifts, colours, or imprints in a person's aura, which can provide insights into their emotional or energetic state.

When questioning 'What is a clairsentient?' or 'Am I clairsentient?', it's important to remember that this psychic sense is highly subjective and varies from person to person. Each clairsentient has their own unique way of perceiving and interpreting emotions and energies... the fun part is exploring how your clairsentience works. 

How can I develop my clairsentience?

Developing clairsentience involves honing your emotional intelligence and energetic awareness. It also requires a healthy dose of trust. Trusting and validating your experiences is crucial in embracing and developing your clairsentient abilities. You can learn how to develop your clairsentience in our online courses, but here are some practices to get you started on your development journey!

  • Self-Awareness: Start by cultivating self-awareness of your own emotions and energetic states. Pay attention to your feelings and physical sensations. Practice identifying and labelling different emotions and the corresponding bodily responses
  • Meditate, meditate, MEDITATE!: Meditation is included on every course curriculum at The College of Psychic Studies, because it is so crucial to developing psychic senses such as clairsentience! Engage in regular meditation and mindfulness practices to quiet your mind and increase your present-moment awareness. This helps you tune in to subtle energies and emotions more effectively.

  • Learn about energy: Develop an understanding of subtle energy and how it interacts with the physical and emotional bodies. Explore concepts such as auras, chakras, and energy fields. Practice sensing and visualising energy in yourself and others.

  • Grounding and protection: Grounding and protection is essential to any kind of psychic development work. Learn and establish effective grounding and protection techniques to stay connected to your own energy and maintain stability. This helps you differentiate between your emotions and those of others.

  • Establish emotional boundaries: Learn to set healthy emotional boundaries. Practice recognising and honouring your own emotions separate from others'. This prevents overwhelming empathic experiences and helps you maintain clarity in your clairsentient perceptions.

  • Tune in with objects & spaces: Enhance your clairsentient perception by focusing on different objects and notice the emotions or energy you associate with them. Practice sensing energy shifts when entering different environments or interacting with different individuals.

  • Psychometry: Practice psychometry by holding or touching objects and tuning in to the emotions or energetic imprints associated with them. Trust your instincts! Try it out with friends or fellow students at the College!

If you are asking 'What is clairsentience?' or 'How can I develop my clairsentience?', chances are, you are ready to take the next step in your psychic development! Here is your first opportunity to trust your gut and take a deep dive! Join us for an online beginners' course.

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