Which course level is right for me?

Wondering where to begin? Allow us to guide you to the class that's perfect for you with this brief outline of our Beginner, Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced courses...

By: The College of Psychic Studies.   Posted

Many of our courses are open to all and need no prior experience. You are welcome to dive right in! Some of our courses, specifically our psychic classes and mediumship trainings, follow a comprehensive journey of development. Here, we guide you through our Beginner, Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced course levels...

Step one: Beginner courses

We recommend you take a Beginner course before starting any psychic development classes or mediumistic training.

Our Beginners' courses are a great way to explore your potential in different areas of psychic and spiritual growth. It will help you to choose the path you would most like to pursue. They also give you a solid grounding to this work. They cover essentials such as opening up and closing down, protection and grounding, the chakras and tuning in. If you have already mastered these skills elsewhere, please join us for a course at Foundation-level or above.

Step two: Foundation courses

Foundation courses are not for beginners. If you are just starting out, take a Beginner-level course first.

Students enrolling for one of our Foundation courses should be able to open up and close down their energy and know how to ground and protect themselves. We ask that you take one or more of our Beginners' courses if you need to acquire these skills, before joining a Foundation course.

Steps three & four: Intermediate & Advanced courses

The College accepts Intermediate and Advanced students who have trained elsewhere. If your tutor feels that a different level may be more suited to you, they will guide you to the right class.

Many of our Intermediate and Advanced courses require approval from the tutor before being accepted onto the course. This approval is valid for the current course / term only, unless agreed otherwise with the tutor.

All students applying for a course at The College of Psychic Studies are advised that a commitment to attend regularly is essential. We do not make recordings of our classes. One of the unique aspects of the College's online courses is that they are highly interactive. Participants are encouraged to discuss and share with the tutor and the group. These sharings can be very personal, and some may not feel comfortable with them being recorded. If you need to miss any sessions, your tutor will be happy to offer a brief outline of the material covered.

If you are pregnant or have any health problems, please consult your tutor before enrolling. No persons using recreational or mind altering drugs on a regular basis can be considered for courses held at the College. This includes the abuse of alcohol.

Due to the nature of trance development, classes are smaller so that students have more time for individual tuition. Students entering trance classes must be at advanced level psychic development, unless referred by a College tutor.

We look forward to seeing you in class!