Working with chrysoprase crystals for detoxification & renewal

At spring, there are always some pretty chrysoprase crystals stocked in the College shop. According to Valerie Pitts, there's no better crystal to support us from winter into the season of renewal!

By: Valerie Pitts.   Posted

Spring is in the air, and we are delighted to feel its energies of renewal and potential budding all around us. A crystal that can support us through the transition from the introverted cocoon of winter and into the lighter, brighter space of spring is chrysoprase. Here, crystal healer Valerie Pitts reveals more about the beautiful mint-green chrysoprase crystal, and why we should be all be carrying one with us right now.

A crystal for Imbolc

Chrysoprase is an apple or mint green crystal made of SiO2. Some have darker patches, which are trace elements of nickel. Its green colouring marks its closeness to nature, so chrysoprase is the crystal I use to welcome the return of spring after the winter months. Chrysoprase crystal carries the energy of Imbolc. It is also a crystal to carry with us on nature walks, as it speaks to the nature spirits. As you walk with a piece of chrysoprase in your hand or pocket, be open to the nature spirits' suggestions - they are able to help us find new approaches to problem solving, especially for those working in the media.

A chrysoprase detox

Spring is the time of year to welcome new energy into our lives. It is the perfect season in which to detoxify the body, especially our liver. This is also a good time to remove pollutants including heavy metal and the side effects of any medication (when so attuned). So if you have been considering a detox, now is the time to do it! With your chrysoprase on hand, this detoxification can support you through spring's time of renewal. 

Healing with chrysoprase crystals

Since it has the power to renew and restore, chrysoprase crystals can be placed on many different parts of the body for healing. Chrysoprase can also make a lovely gem elixir - keep a piece of it in purified water to drink, bathe or anoint your altar. Working with chrysoprase crystals in this way brings peace and relaxation. Chrysoprase also helps us to overcome impulsive and compulsive thoughts and so guides us to be more accepting and self-forgiving. In fact, this crystal is the perfect recipe leading to spiritual enlightenment.

Chrysoprase also balances and aligns our chakras, instilling grace within, helping connection with the Divine, bringing more acceptance of self and others with compassion and in a non-judgemental way. When consciously used on the heart chakra it can open a bridge between one and the Divine and help mend broken hearts, especially after any form of betrayal. It helps to give us a calm attitude and it is good when used in meditation or healing sessions, particularly to heal any inner child issues.

Chrysoprase is certainly a crystal for the future instilling hope in our lives and a brighter future on Mother Earth.

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