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Sarah Jane Dennis

Sarah Jane Dennis

As A little girl I was always sensitive to the energies of spirit, angels, elementals like fairies and crystals to name a few.

My first crystal, a piece of amethyst found me when I was about six years old and digging around my grandma’s garden and there forged a lifelong journey between me and the beautiful mineral kingdom.

Over the years I have trained or re-remembered many different psychic development and esoteric healing modalities, gone back to my pagan roots to become a Priestess of Avalon and celebrate the cycles of Goddess, nature and my own body and continue to uncover more of the “Herstory”.

All of which has helped me immensely through my own path which has not been smooth and at times got very dark, so I am grateful for every day I breath the air and am able to Priestess, heal and hold the light to help others on their inner healing journey.


Crystal Healing
Remote Consultation - 1 hour

Sarah Jane is able to offer consultations via telephone / Zoom. Once you have paid for your consultation the consultant will be in touch with you to confirm how the consultation will take place.

Sarah Jane will intuitively choose crystals, with the help of her guides, for your individual healing needs.

Crystal healing is non-invasive and relaxing.

Crystals help to clear any blockages, re-program and release old unwanted belief patterns, re-balance and re-energise the body on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Previous clients say:

"Great crystal healing session. Sarah Jane is amazing. The fact she is a priestess of Avalon should be promoted even more. She is really good, talented and humble."

"Sarah Jane was humble and pleasant to talk with. Her healing was great and interesting too! I will definitely see her again."

"I really enjoyed my crystal healing session. It was very relaxing and has given me some amazing insights into how I can move forward. I am very grateful to Sarah Jane Dennis."

"Really beautiful healing energy from Sarah Jane."


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