Sarah Jane Dennis

Sarah Jane Dennis

Sarah Jane, “ACHO.RP” is a qualified Crystal Healing Therapist accredited and a registered practitioner with the Affiliation of Crystal Healers Organisations. (ACHO) based in London. I studied at the Valerie Pitts School of Crystal Healing for two years achieving a Diploma in Crystal Healing. I have loved and been fascinated by crystals since I was a little girl when I found my first amethyst in my grandma’s garden. I began to collect crystals, visited the natural history museum often to look at their crystal collection. I was a very sensitive child who would worry about the world’s problems and not understand why the human race could not just get along with one another. I also aware of the elementals, Angels and spirit world however it scared me and I subsequently shut it down. In adulthood I met my husband and became a mother which kept me very busy I did however still keep my connection and passion for crystals alive, collecting them working with them and reading as many books about them I could find. I also collected a fortnightly magazine called Enhancing your Mind, Body and Spirit, which introduced me to a plethora of different esoteric practices, until I could ignore it no more, and spirit was telling me loud and clear to do something about it. By the end of 2005, half way into 2006 life had become very overwhelming for me and I was at a very low eb of self-sabotage, not really wanting to be on the Earth plain anymore, (being a sensitive can be very lonely). It was then I had an encounter with the energy of what I believe to be an Angel, Archangel Michael to be exact. The healing, protection empowerment and pure love I felt at that moment as well as a message telling me that all was well and that I had work to do was phenomenal, for which I am eternally grateful for, it has change my life up to this very day. So I went to my first basic crystal workshop it was then I knew I would one day work as a crystal healer. I began attending different spiritual events, started studying the healing runes and different sets of angel cards. I then found the College of Physic Studies, I was home I had finally found a place and people where it was okay to believe in the healing powers crystals and their elemental friends, and the spirit world without fear of reprimand or being classed as mad. I attended some workshops and also found a spiritual church I became a part of and worked on my psychic development. I met Valerie Pitts at the College and was accepted on her two-year crystal-healing diploma course affiliated with the association of crystal healers organisation, which was another life changing and challenging experience; in 2015 I qualified as a crystal healer and had already done a hundred healings with all the training and case studies, as well as acquiring a diploma in human anatomy and physiology. I had also trained as a registered Angelic Reiki Healer and Master Teacher. I have since trained and qualified as an Crystal RejuvenationTM natural facelift practitioner and certified Fairyologist . I am currently now undertaking three year training to become a Priestess of Avalon honoring and connecting with the Divine feminine within and around me and rediscovering the Ancient Goddesses of Britain.


Crystal Healing
Consultation - 1 hour

Crystal healing is non-invasive and relaxing.

Crystals help to clear any blockages, re-program and release old unwanted belief patterns, re-balance and re-energise the body on the psychical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Sarah Jane will intuitively choose crystals, with the help of her guides, for your individual healing needs.


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