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Anthony Bull

Anthony  Bull

Having grown up in a house with a lot of spiritual activity, I channelled any communication into creative endeavours because as a child it felt safer. This led me to attend Art College where I did a degree in Fine Art/Textiles and after that train as both an actor and a writer. I have been involved in many Fringe Theatre productions as an actor, director and playwright before deciding to focus more on the writing. However, I found that I could not control my creative impulses and started to burn out as a writer. I decided to train as a medium under Gary Wright in an attempt to learn how to control my creativity because for me it seemed to come from the same place as my spirituality. After a lot of work, I learned how to become more boundaried and grounded and not only did it help me with my creativity and writing I found a new purpose in my communication with Spirit. After years of turning my back on my spirituality I feel very honoured and humbled to work with Spirit.

As a medium and psychic I try to bring through as much information as possible as sensitively as I can, because I realise that for the sitter this can be a deeply personal experience. Hopefully working together, we can achieve and perhaps exceed any expectations the sitter and even spirit may have. It’s a process of synergy where sitter, spirit and medium create something much bigger than any could achieve alone.


Probationer Consultants
Remote Consultation - 1 hour

Anthony is able to offer consultations via Skype / Zoom. Once you have paid for your consultation the consultant will be in touch with you to confirm how the consultation will take place. Anthony Bull is a Psychic Medium who can bring through messages and memories with sensitivity. He creates a safe space to establish clear channels of communication to help clients connect with loved ones, family and friends, endeavouring to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for both the sitter and spirit.

Previous clients say:

"Anthony showed the amazing ability to see clearly the salient points in the creative work I am undertaking. He highlighted many of the issues and potential in my immediate situation. A brilliant enthusiastic and supportive reading."

"Excellent! Clear, solid, helpful. I love that Anthony was not wishy-washy, but was confident and direct. He was spot on with everything he said and was absolutely charming while giving his reading. I am referring him to my friends now for more readings."

"I received messages that I could take and that are relevant to me right now. I liked Anthony's sensitivity and perseverance and he created a nice healing atmosphere."

"I would definitely book a session with Anthony again. I found what he shared with me useful and satisfactory. Many thanks."


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