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Doe Warnes

Doe Warnes

As long as I can remember I have been intrigued by the human body, science and the esoteric. I began my working life as a laboratory technician testing soil, whisky and worms, not all at the same time I might add. When I became 18 my world turned around. I was initiated onto a spiritual path for the next 15 years, moving to Scotland and living in a caravan in the middle of a cow field. Later I began training with a wonderful healer named Joan Willies, who taught me about massage, spiritual healing, dowsing, homeopathy, mediumship, bach flower remedies, chakras and auras. My curiosity and fascination for the human body propelled me into the next 30 years of exploration and discovery. I learnt about the reassuring and healing nature of therapeutic touch through different massage disciplines including shiatsu. As a dance and movement therapist I explored connections between emotions, beliefs, physicality, personal and cultural history and how this is uniquely expressed in the way we move and our signs and symptoms. My ongoing study of anatomy and physiology of the body continues to inspire me and anchor the more refined healing energies. It is the nature of the human body to constantly strive for dynamic balance (homeostasis). My experience of working with many people of all ages, conditions and abilities supports my belief that by observing and gaining greater awareness of our responses in life we can find a deeper understanding of symptoms and how to support the healing process. The three areas of my current work that I teach and practise involve bodywork, anatomy and physiology and movement.
• My approach to teaching is integrative, holistic and where possible experiential. I love to inspire people about their body by interweaving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects as a way to integrate mind and body. Anatomy and physiology is an excellent starting place as it is common to us all and provides a ‘springboard’ for many other topics. I teach anatomy and physiology to students of various disciplines such as pilates, healers, dance and movement psychotherapists, shiatsu and bodyworkers. My aim is to make the subject relevant and provide a practical tool for the participants for example, at the College of Psychic Studies I include energy exercises specific to different organs and visualisations.

• I am a shiatsu practitioner and teacher of 30 years experience. Shiatsu is traditional Japanese bodywork that applies gentle pressure to access an energy system via acupoints and meridians stimulating the healing process. Joints are also mobilised to increase ease and range of movement.

Doe Warnes MRSS, ITEC, BrDMP is a registered member of the Shiatsu Society, Association for Dance/Movement Psychotherapists UK and EXTEND (exercise of the older adult and disabled).

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