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The Old Gods

The Old Gods

Kieron Morgan
Sunday 24 March
10:00am - 5:00pm

Many looking for answers when they step onto the spiritual path have been drawn to look to places like India and the mystical East for their guardians and guides, forgetting maybe that there is a whole pantheon of incredible energies to connect to and work with in the forests in which we walk and the land on which we live.

Kieron Morgan, magician and priest of the old ways, invites you into the ancient realms of the Old Gods and Goddesses of Albion. We will reconnect and remember these powerful forces and their abilities, those who are intrinsically linked to the British Isles and therefore their magik being especially potent when used here.

The old ways are re-surfacing and with it the Old Gods once again come to the fore to work with you.

The day will be packed with information about many deities from our magical past and will also include initiation and guided meditation to meet and work with many of those coming forward to be remembered.

There will also be various live channelled messages from those who wish to have their say.

Whether it be Herne the Hunter, Nementona, Elen-of-the-ways or the Goddess sovereignty herself, or others from the enormous collective mythology of this land - the Old Gods await your presence to aid you in the remembrance of these ancient, powerful and traditionally British presences.

Kieron Morgan

Kieron Morgan is a practicing magician in the Celtic Tradition, a healer and spiritual teacher.


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