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What's on: 7 Apr

An Introduction to Norse Shamanism and Myth Telling

An Introduction to Norse Shamanism and Myth Telling

Andreas Kornevall
Sunday 7 April 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm

This workshop is designed to be an introduction to the rich world of Norse Shamanism and the Northern Tradition. The teachings will revolve around the hidden art of the runes and each participant will be able to work on their personal rune set during the day. Andreas will bring blank runes (uncarved) to the class, from especially sourced birch wood for this purpose. Those who have their own personal sets can bring theirs as well to work with. A rune is a letter which means "mystery, a secret" and each rune has an associative mythology behind it and a poem. Andreas will guide us on how to use our runes as an oracle and what they can teach us today. He will explain their vivid symbolism by using mythical narratives and background.

We will study the old Norse and Anglo-Saxon ideas of personal fate (Orlog) and destiny (Wyrd). These are concepts of time such as the past, present and future, which relate to Norse Shamanic thinking, a concept which is similar to "Karma". This will helps students to understand how they should approach the runes and also how they can tune their ears to the mythic material.

Unique topics such as the Northern and Anglo-Saxon lost star constellations will be revealed. The star-constellations relate to the mythology and the stories and each one will be aligned to a symbol, rune or mythological character; this will give much depth to the work and a new perspective on the richness of the material to follow in later workshops.

Also initiatory rune work will be highlighted - to understand what knowledge rune carvers had when they were writing talismans, you will work to understand how the magicians would think numerically (numerology) when he/she carved runes into stone, metal or wood and see what spells they used.

Participants will be encouraged to discover for themselves what the runes signify using a old practice called “pathfinding” (this is related to shamanic journeying). Through the journey you will gain a more personal and private understanding of what these symbols mean to you.

You will experience and take part in a traditional ceremony to Goddess Frejya, head of the Valkyries, who taught Seidr (Norse Shamanism) to Odin. With this ceremony we will make a reading with the runes to benefit people within the group. It will be a specially construed "healing reading" to strengthen and heal something in someone life, to alter and change their path if necessary. Our readings are a group participation where all the students gather and use their well earned knowledge to start to see patterns that can benefit the questioner.

Please if you can, bring either a song, a poem, a piece of writing or a small offering to the altar and something that represents your ancestors. A pen and notebook is essential.

Andreas Kornevall

Andreas Kornevall is a Swedish national who grew up in South America, Sweden and Switzerland. As a storyteller he regularly works with the National Trust in the UK in re-storying the landscape of the South Downs in Sussex where he lives with his family. He is an active member of 'Forn Sed' (Old Customs Association) in Sweden which works closely with the ancient Norse culture, traditions, rituals and spirituality, unearthing old legends, forgotten folklore and endangered Norse languages.


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