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The Joys of Soul Midwifery - Offering Holistic Support and Reassurance at the End of Life

The Joys of Soul Midwifery - Offering Holistic Support and Reassurance at the End of Life

Mandy Preece
Tuesday 18 June
7:00pm - 8:30pm

A good death is an extraordinary, moving and sacred experience. It can also have a healing quality, not only for the person who is involved but their families, friends and the wider community.

In this uplifting talk, sometimes moving but also joyful, a soul midwife delivers her experience of sitting with people as they die and inspires and informs us of the difference we can all make in supporting people at the end of their lives.

What are Soul Midwives?

Soul Midwives are non-medical, holistic companions who guide and support the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and tranquil death.

Soul Midwives:

  • Listen
  • Provide gentle therapeutic techniques
  • Ensure compassionate care at all times
  • Work holistically with both the spirit and soul of the dying person
  • keep a loving vigil
  • Create and hold a sacred and healing space for the dying person
  • Recognise and support the needs of the departing soul to enable a tranquil death
  • Use sound, touch, colour, smell and other gentle techniques to help alleviate pain and anxiety
  • Support families and loved ones

The Soul Midwife’s most important role is to provide comfort, continuous support and reassurance in helping a dying person to experience the death he or she wants.

Mandy Preece

Mandy Preece is a soul midwife and tutor at the Soul Midwives School. In 2013, Mandy initiated a volunteer bedside companion scheme at Macmillan Caring Locally (an NHS palliative care unit in Dorset). Volunteers receive her training so they can support people at the end of life or sit with someone who is dying alone. In 2017 the tr aining was awarded the Princess Royal Training Award for best practice in the workplace. Mandy has now helped other hospices set up similar schemes.


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