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Toltec Rejuvenation: A Body Without Age

Toltec Rejuvenation: A Body Without Age

Sergio Magana
Monday 20 May
10:00am - 5:00pm

A smaller intimate and intensive workshop. Maximum of 16 students.

Can shamanic alchemy work not only on healing but also on the rejuvenation of the body?

Is it possible not only to slow down the aging process, but to reverse it?

Sergio Magana, renowned in Mexico as a respected teacher and healer because of his successful methods, believes so and says a resounding 'Yes’. His teachings on Toltec and Nahual rejuvenation are achieving extraordinary results in Mexico City.

Sergio says: "I have been conducting rejuvenation workshops in Mexico City for over 16 years, with great results. This is one of the reasons why my school has become so famous, as it challenged social beliefs about ageing - rejuvenation at a profound level was considered impossible. I will be sharing the best rejuvenation techniques with you. You will learn special breathing exercises to resonate with the rhythm, time and measure of the universe to focus and empower the energy to unblock patterns that cause ageing. According to the tradition, it is possible to reverse and slow down the aging process. This is apparent when we see the teachers of the tradition as they all look young, vibrant and vital!”

What will you learn at the workshop?

  • How to create the Cosmic Cross, the Ohmaxal/Hunaab Ku and make it spin in reverse, against time for personal rejuvenation
  • How to reverse your biological clock to cleanse traumas and past lives
  • Discover sacred ancient blood rituals, which tie us to destructive past and family issues, to release all the energies that make you age
  • Rejuvenation through dreams; visit the place in dreams called Chiconauhmictlan (the place of eternal peace) where the essence of you 'without age' lives
  • Mend your Nahual, your dream body. When your dream body is repaired your 'Tonal' (your physical body in this reality) will be healed and rejuvenated
  • Learn the symbols for rejuvenation, the language of the codices and how to use them for the regeneration of your body
  • Spin the complete 'Flower of the Mexihca" including the heavens and the underworlds against time for your health, rejuvenation and regeneration

Sergio Magana

Sergio Magana is a well-known and respected shaman living in Mexico, who has been initiated into the 5000 year old Toltec lineage.

Visiting us from Mexico, Sergio is one of a few spokespeople chosen by his lineage to share this ancient and hidden wisdom with the world.


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