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What's on: 15 Sep

Mediumship for the Young and Young at Heart

Mediumship for the Young and Young at Heart

Casey Mackey
Sunday 15 September 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm

This workshop is intended as your spring board into the spirit world, focusing on opening up and closing down your energy, protection, communicating with spirit, meditation, guides and gate keepers.

Section one: in this section Casey will introduce herself and her work. She will then ask each student to share one experience that they believe was from spirit, as a way of starting to feel comfortable with each other when sharing spiritual experiences, as this can be very personal. We will then discuss the opening up process, protection, guardian angels and chakras. By the end of section one you should feel comfortable and equipped with the basics.

Section two: we will start to look at working with tools such as oracle cards. You will also be given a guided meditation which will show you how to relax and contact spirit. Once we have explored and practised using oracle cards we will then move onto mental mediumship. We will each write a question, place this question into a hat and the questions will then be picked at random. We will need to tune into the piece of paper we have chosen without looking at it. Once you have obtained as much information as you can, you will then be able to look at the question and see what else you can receive from spirit. This section is designed to help boost your confidence and to find out where your strengths lie.

Section three: Casey will show you how to read for someone and what information to obtain from spirit when conducting a reading. You will learn how vital validation is and how to work with spirit to obtain information needed. We will look at guides and gate keepers and take part in a guided meditation to meet our guides and gate keepers. We will discuss the importance of these roles. We will practice giving readings for each other in class and Casey will talk about how to tell the difference between a message from spirit and our own thoughts.

Section four: This will see us starting to reflect on what we have learnt throughout the day, questions can be asked and a discussion on what people think will be held. Casey will conduct a final meditation for the group before closing the group down. However just before this, she will conduct her own group reading, giving messages from spirit for each participant to take home with them.

Casey Mackey

Casey Mackey is a 23 year old psychic medium.

By the age of 21 Casey was doing readings and starting to teach her own way of introducing spiritualism into this changing world.


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