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What's on: 2 Nov

Ancient Hawaiian Healing Techniques

Ancient Hawaiian Healing Techniques

Ricardo Balkhoven
Saturday 2 November 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm

The ancient Hawaiian Kahuna (shaman) guarded the secrets of esoteric knowledge concerning the Universe.

In this one day workshop you will learn and experience the Aloha philosophy of love and Huna techniques for personal transformation and empowerment. You will be taught techniques and tools for putting this philosophy into practice.

During this day you will be able to begin to clear from your lifepath fears, beliefs and limiting decisions that no longer serve you or that are no longer useful for your personal growth.

Techniques you will learn include:

  • Ha Breathing - the secret energy power generation mechanism of the Kahuna. Ha breathing was practiced by Kahunas for the purpose of healing, both self-healing and for the healing of others. It was also used for meditation and manifestation work.

  • Ho’o pono pono - an ancient and powerful process for aligning yourself and your relationships past and present, and for truly letting go.

  • The Huna model of the 3 minds or selves: The Huna teaches that we as humans are comprised of 3 selves, or 3 minds. An English translation of these would be to name them: subconscious; conscious; and the superconscious minds. Each of the three levels of self has its role to play in our lives and the best result is of course is an integration of the three, allowing for harmony and balance.

Ricardo Balkhoven

Ricardo Balkhoven is a practitioner and teacher in the Hawaiian healing arts. He originally trained in Hawaii on a masters program and now runs his own retreat centre in Spain.


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