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What's on: 30 Nov

 CANCELLED  The Deep Dive into Survival, Thriving and Flourishing    CANCELLED

CANCELLED The Deep Dive into Survival, Thriving and Flourishing CANCELLED

Maryrose Moses O-Brien
Saturday 30 November 2019
10:00am - 5:00pm

The Deep Dive into Survival, Thriving and Flourishing is a mindful way into our nervous system.

Our nature, biology and experience form how we see ourselves and the world. We are multifaceted beings with many needs, desire and dreams.

Our nervous system is constantly evaluating our interconnectivity with our ever changing environment - it constantly re-regulates and adjusts to the information and stimuli it receives. It is seeking safety, belonging and love.

This system has been honed from the time of our ancestors, where imminent death was an ever possible threat. Now that threat is different and not so immediate, but it can feel equally as threatening.

Our bodies have adapted, and we are not always aware that we fuel and propel ourselves forward from this place of survival. This is helpful in short bursts but over longer and consistent periods of time it has a disruptive and detrimental effect on our bodies manifesting in:

  • sleep disturbances
  • emotion ups and downs
  • low energy
  • and an erosion of our connection to the ability to create our dreams in the here and now.

This workshop is designed to help you to recognize and become more familiar with your nervous system and how to work with it to your benefit and good health so that you can instead of just survive, thrive and flourish.

During the day, Maryrose will talk about the nervous system and how each of our life experiences have uniquely moulded our individual nervous system. She will also introduce practical ways you can consciously be aware of your nervous state and will teach you different techniques to re-regulate the entire system so that you can move into thrive and flourishing rather than survival mode. This can be developed by breath, movement, creativity and stillness.

Techniques taught during the day include:

breath: techniques to sooth and re-regulate the nervous system gentle movement: moving is the most direct way to change your state creativity: mapping (pictorially) the different states and highlight the ones that work for you. stillness: bringing conscious awareness through mindfulness

When using all these elements together, you will be able to understand and create your own practice that supports, nourishes and nurtures your state to thrive and opens and expands you towards a state where you are flourishing.

Maryrose Moses O-Brien

Maryrose is a practising mindfulness practitioner, spirit inspired artist and intuitive counsellor with over 30 years experience in personal development, healing and meditation.


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This event has been cancelled.

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