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What's on: 19 Jul



Edwin Courtenay
Sunday 19 July 2020
10:00am - 5:00pm

For centuries mankind was fooled into thinking that alchemy was the pursuit of transforming base metals into gold, but this was far from the truth.

Alchemy was and remains today, a spiritual system of personal transformation and change whereby the leaden spirit is purified and transformed so that it might become the host and vessel through which the golden soul might be made manifest on Earth - prompting enlightenment, spiritual evolution, personal ascension and the fulfilment of destiny.

This workshop explores the process of Alchemy using the model of an ancient Alchemical Mandala called the Azoth and with the aid of St Germain (possibly the greatest Alchemist that ever was), represents it as a series of realisations, meditations and exercises that can be used to recognise where you stand on the alchemical path and how to move forward.

The workshop also explores the Notae - a series of powerful alchemical phrases which can be used magically to bring change and transformation to the world around us.

Edwin Courtenay

Edwin would describe himself as one of the "Cunning Folk" a term used in the 15th century to describe those naturally gifted with psychic, spiritual and mystical abilities which they would use to help those in their community. A Pagan-a follower of the old ways of nature and the world-and a practising magician, Edwin works with ritual, ceremony, chant and song to heal and awaken, empower and transform.


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