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What's on: 28 Mar

Psychic Archetypes - A Journey of Self Realisation   cancelled

Psychic Archetypes - A Journey of Self Realisation cancelled

Demian Allan & Gary Wright
Saturday 28 March 2015 - Sunday 29 March
10:00am - 5:00pm

In this workshop Demian and Gary will combine their knowledge of astrology and psychic and mediumistic work to show you how to understand and develop the archetypal roles that you are given at birth.

Using guided meditation, inspired storytelling and other exercises to develop your senses, we will look at how the planets and seasons influence our inner journey and explore the nature of our own particular archetypes.

With this awareness we can start to discern how archetypal energies are at work in our lives and utilise them in the best way for our personal growth and development.

In this two day workshop you will:

  • Understand your own archetypes
  • Look at the archetypal energy of important people in your life
  • Explore how the archetypes are embedded in our society
  • Start to develop a stronger self-identity
  • Harnessing archetypal energy can bring a greater connection to your intuitive self and shed a light on the diverse and often chaotic aspects of our life.

Understanding the archetypal dynamics that influence our lives and our character and how we cope with and grow through these dynamics, can have a profound influence on our life and all that we do, including our spiritual growth.

Demian Allan

I am a professional astrologer and former President of the British Astrological Psychic Society. Since 1998 I have been running my busy astrological practice and I am the political astrologer for Channel 4 news as well as other media outlets. I believe that the planetary cycles within the structure of the zodiac hold the key to many of life's questions; love, career, financial, and spiritual development, to name but a few. Astrology is a language that connects us to the universe allowing the poetic insights of the planets to really come alive in your natal chart.

Gary Wright

I have always been aware of the existence of the spirit world but I spent many years ignoring the communication and messages that I was receiving. Eventually I decided to develop my mediumship abilities at the College and it has been, and continues to be a wonderful and incredible journey. I feel privileged to be able to work with spirit.


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This event has been cancelled.

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