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What's on: 25 Oct

Ancestral Journeys of Sound

Ancestral Journeys of Sound

Gong Master Olaf Nixon
Sunday 25 October 2015
10:00am - 5:00pm

Combining the power of the voice and the expansive nature of the Gongs, Olaf will lead you through a journey of self-discovery as he invites you to journey back to meet your guides and ancestors on the waves of creation.

Using a selection of ancient instruments including the 38” planetary and symphonic Gongs, Gong Master Olaf Nixon will guide you through a series of Gong meditations allowing you to go deeper and further with each consecutive immersion.

Immersion One – Beginnings – Where did it all begin, where did you begin or do you just exist? Intention, focus and guidance will begin your journey for the day as you are introduced to the Gongs and the voice in the first immersion of the day as you go to meet the first of your ancestors along the journey.

Immersion Two – Seeds – Entering the second immersion you will be invited to plant new seeds for yourself. Gently your seed will germinate and grow as you begin to experience the fullness that is life.

Immersion Three – Growth - Mind, Body, Soul the divine light of creation and source. The seeds have been planted and watered; now you will reach for the sky, moon and the stars as you expand your consciousness and leave the ground to explore the universe. Time has little meaning in the realms of ancestral space and your guides will assist you in travelling out and beyond the limitations of the mortal coil.

Immersion Four – Vision to Reality Gong Bath – Having journeyed throughout the day the Gongs will take you to new heights as they are sustained within the power and volume of the AUM. Let the ground fall away beneath you and let yourself soar and fly with the angels in the realms of the ONE – Gongs, Flutes, Conches, Bowls, Drums and the Voice will guide you on this expansive journey.

Gong Master Olaf Nixon

Olaf is a Soul Coach, Gong Master Therapist, sound healer and energy worker. He has been working with sound and energy in a variety of ways for over ten years leading gong baths, meditation circles and sound and energy workshops. His way of working is intuitive and directed by spirit.


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