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What's on: 21 May

Working with Colour for Healing and Spirit Communication

Working with Colour for Healing and Spirit Communication

Lucy Aumonier
Saturday 21 May 2016
10:00am - 5:00pm

Working with colour can be immediate, dynamic, symbolic and powerful, whether psychic, medium or healer. Each colour, tone and hue has its own specific vibration, resonance, taste, scent and sound.

In this workshop we will work with our guides to explore and experience the various ways in which colour can be used for our healing. We will also discuss spirit communication given through colour, whether sign or symbol, or our guides simply saying hello by giving us their signature colour.

This workshop gives the opportunity to: - Work with and experience different vibrations and ranges of colour - Explore what colour means as sign, symbol and messages - Use our five senses to explore colour through vibration, taste, scent and sound to expand our awareness

In this workshop you will: - Explore and work with different forms of colour - Understand the difference between flat and live colour - Broaden your awareness and understanding of working with colour energetically - Experience colour healing

Using visualisations, meditations and of course colour we will explore the many and varied ways to work with colour for our own soul’s journey and spirit communication.

We will also consider the benefits of colour, whether consciously chosen by us or given by spirit. We will start the day with a gentle cleansing using colour and end the day with a colour healing meditation.

Lucy Aumonier

I truly believe healing is limitless.I grew up in the countryside surrounded by great characters, stories and nature, learning about the earth, elements and seasons, which remains to this day a great source of joy, support and inspiration. I later studied at the College becoming a College accredited healer and also working intuitively, psychically and mediumistically which gave me a greater understanding of my many experiences of spirit as a child. Today I work as a spiritual healer fulfilling my soul purpose, giving insight and guidance.


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