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What's on: 10 Jun

Discover your Soul's Purpose with Kundalini Yoga

Discover your Soul's Purpose with Kundalini Yoga

Gemma Bliss
Saturday 10 June 2017
10:00am - 5:00pm

Kundalini energy embodies our true, magnificent potential. It's our divine essence, our God-self.

We all have it, but for many, it remains dormant.

We can learn to tap its creative essence and come to a profound awareness of our divinity, our greatness, our invincible spirit.

With this awareness comes an ability to define and manifest the soul's purpose. When we are on this path, when the soul is guiding us, we can step into fulfilment, contentment and a heart-felt joy in life. It allows us to realise our true self, to live authentically and to courageously honour our soul's mission on this planet.

This workshop uses kundalini yoga kriyas (sets of movements), meditations, mantras (chanting) and music to develop a deep awareness of our soul and our purpose on this planet. Some of the movements may be challenging, but always worth your best efforts!

Kundalini yoga involves quite a bit of floor work and sitting on a yoga mat for meditations.

If this is uncomfortable for you, there will be chairs available for longer meditations.

Everyone is welcome, whether a beginner or seasoned yogi. All you need to practice kundalini yoga is an open mind and willing spirit!

Gemma Bliss

I have worked with many styles of yoga - from Ashtanga to Vinyasa for more than ten years and teach Kundalini and general hatha yoga. When not teaching yoga I write regular magazine features for Om Yoga, Yoga and Everyday Health.


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