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The winner of our Inspiration from Isolation Summer 2020 Art Competition

The winner of our Inspiration from Isolation Summer 2020 Art Competition

The Inspiration from Isolation art competition has been a true celebration of our creative tenacity; of going within to tap an inner well of creativity despite the external challenges of lockdown. The result has been extraordinary – we received 447 submissions, and we love every single one. However, after a fortnight of very tough decisions, we finally have a winner...


Our winner is Emma Schultz's Eternal Journey, made in dots using isograph ink pen, A4 size

Emma says: "This artwork is dedicated to my soulmate - my father, who left this physical dimension two and a half years ago on New Year's Eve. On the 1st of August he would have been 71 and this artwork is for his memory. The artwork shows my father in the boat on his eternal journey sailing into the other dimension."



Niall Millen, The Spirit Dial Oil on canvas, 20x20cm "I found an old damaged canvas with a hole in the middle and wondered if I could do a study for something on it. The study turned into the painting itself. In a strange way, I almost think of it as a working tool. It is to be used for the greater good, but not sure how. It’s turned into a mystery even to me."

Allen Moore, The Connection Mixed media on board, ignited petroleum, Oils/Glaze, 65x54cm "This is part of my new body of works that have developed from my trance mediumship and automatist states. I start the process by igniting petrol on the canvas to separate myself and the ego away from any spirit energies that want to show themselves through the marks of the flames. After the process I reflect on the mark making which always reveals faces, human or animal beings. I then work into the painting in a trance state adding colour and symbols given to me in visuals in meditation or dreams. I have developed this process after many years of spirit contacting me in other ways that I couldn't fully control. Through the Lockdown I was in Spain after the country's borders were closed. The lockdown was very strict and my Spiritual works heightened in that time."

Ione Georgina Powell, The Resilience Collection: Kintsugi's Alchemy 49x99cm "This was my first creation but too much paint caused it to dry with many cracks and so in the Kintsugi tradition of transforming what is cracked and broken into what is beautiful and treasured. I filled it with metallic paint and gold leaf. Being a homeopath I added the remedy made from gold Aurum metallicum, best known as a treatment for anxiety and depression. Rumi: 'The wound is the place where the light enters you'."

RivaEtAl, Extraterrestrial Female Being Pen and ink on paper, 41.5x34cm "This Extraterrestrial Being arrived during an online healing session for my husband and myself with a professional healer. The Being manifested her presence visually through this drawing."


Gill Matini's favourite

RivaEtAl, Extraterrestrial Female Being

Gordon Smith's favourite

Roy Eker, Moon Wolf

June-Elleni Laine's favourite

Clarke Reynolds, Social Distancing

Vivienne Roberts' favourite

Allen Moore, Untitled

Shortlisted: (In no particular order) Terence Wilde, Evelina Rase, Nicole Frobusch, Anna Dall Kaur, Chris Neate, Sonia Bonici, Richard Stuttle, Kate Coe, Antje McClellen, Straiph Wilson, Safiya Juma, Grace Cook, Rumyana Halacheva, Neil Wayland, Anthony Stevens, Dr. Neerja Chandna Peters, Fiongal Greenlaw, Yassica Ferrer, Christian Román, Michele Smith, Denia Collins, Sean Jefferson, Melissa Foster, Kevin Armstrong, Pauline Sharp and Yvette Granados.

Well done, everyone! Keep an eye out for our virtual exhibition showcasing our shortlisted submissions, coming soon.

Missed the deadline? There's always next year. We've received numerous requests to create an annual event of our art competition, and we wholeheartedly agree! Submissions will be open from spring 2021, details to be released closer to the time.


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