An article by David Manning

An article by David Manning

The precise time of the September Equinox is at 9.02 pm UK, 4.02pm East Coast on Friday 22nd September.

I thought it might be useful to talk about what I am experiencing as the Equinox effect. Yesterday, I was working with a client at The College of Psychic Studies. The Equinox Energies moved in to the session. I experienced them as swirling, big, fast moving and spacious. They had a powerful impact, literally creating more space in the field of both me and my client. In this spaciousness, the energy field of my client began to let go at a deeper level. There was a strong liquid like effect to the energy, like looking at a fast moving flood. The energy itself was impassive, not wanting or doing anything in particular, but its presence allowed for the cellular structure of the body, and the light strands of the field to let go more completely. Because the energies were moving quickly, and pulling a lot out of the structure of my clients field, this could easily be taken as chaotic energy. From my perspective, it isn't at all, it's just that the emergence of more of our stuff, surfacing quickly, can feel chaotic to us, especially as many are still reeling from the impact of the recent eclipse.

Best thing is to create space. Meditate, or sit quietly on a very regular basis over the next few days. Invite the energies to work with you. They are conscious and aware, and they will amplify your process if you give yourself to them. Sit and breathe them into your body and your field, into your life. Offer all that is ready to let go from your system to these fast flowing energies. Create space for them to work with you.

Doing this will help. We become a part of the flow rather than being buffeted and tossed around by it. Our experience is deeper and richer as a result. We feel connected to the planetary cycles, and open to them rather than feeling at their mercy. It is easy to hold subtle or not so subtle victim perspectives in these cosmic tidal shifts where everything is changing rapidly. That's something, the victim archetype, that can be offered to the energies to purge from your system. Of course you could try burying your head in the sand, pull the duvet over your head and pretend it's not happening. Let me know how that works for you.

A great way to get a perspective on these flows of energy is to position yourself in consciousness at the edge of the planets atmosphere, or energy field. Find a place where you can look back at Earth, and out into the cosmos. From here it is perhaps easier to sense the solar and cosmic flows of energy as they relate to the planet. It can also help if you are feeling overwhelmed. It's a less personal point of view. You move into your more cosmic self and can perceive things from a grander, wider perspective. If your not used to moving awareness out into the cosmos in this way, you'll find it is very easy. You don't have to know how. Just intend to be in that location. Your Higher Self does the rest. Take a little time when your done to ensure you land fully back into your body.

This perspective, sitting at the edge of the planets field is super useful at the moment, for gauging cosmic flows, freeing human history from your system, and being outside of the sticky mess that is the collective, if only for a while. It also is very healing as we open up to vast flows of energy that are truly supporting us now.

Give it a try.

David Manning - Energy work tutor and consultant


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