It might not look like it, but we as a race are evolving into a heart-centred paradigm. We are in the birthing process, so confusion reigns. 

Best, then, to turn away from the fields of turmoil and focus inwards, on giving birth to this paradigm in and for yourself. This automatically becomes your offering to the world.

It is also the world's offering to us. Deep in the collective fields of humanity, we are at last seeing a coming together of the masculine and feminine polarities. These have been locked in a deeply imbalanced state for thousands of years. It is this re-unification, taking place deep inside the heart of humanity, that gives rise to the birthing moment we are on the cusp of.

In Unfolding the Infinite Heart, David Manning explores the deepening into the infinite heart. As we access this energetic space, it heals at every level, balances and harmonises, and opens up flows of spacious awareness. This is what we incarnated to do. It is profound energy work. The wounding of the human personality heart is like a thin veneer over the vastness of eternity that is most easily accessed at this point in the field.

The container of this recording creates a safe environment in which to unfold. There will be a huge team of energies holding the space, facilitating and deepening the work. 

This evolutionary movement is an unstoppable force. It is time for us all to dive into the river and be carried home.

Here's a taster of what you will receive:

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