For many, life has become more about what we can't do rather than what we can. We may feel lost, unfulfilled and lacking in purpose and passion. If that sounds like you, this recorded talk with 'Life Coach to the Stars' Gary Quinn is your first step to focus, direction and success.

The key to unlocking our full capacity for success and happiness is in our higher self. When our higher self, conscious self and basic self work in harmony, we access power and healing, energy, motivation, visualisation, intuition, and wisdom — even past life experiences and abilities.

In this talk, Gary Quinn will discuss the importance of harmonising these aspects of ourself, while also revealing a wealth of insights and techniques that have been successfully applied by his clients, from business professionals and celebrities to everyday people.

Listen in now to take a giant leap towards fulfilment and happiness. 

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About Gary Quinn

Image of course leader Gary Quinn Gary Quinn is an international motivational speaker, life coach, intuitive and best-selling author whose wisdom and teachings in self-development support everyone from all walks of life.
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