This video from the legendary Judy Hall is intended not just for those following the psychic, spiritual or magical path. It is also for people who have never before thought that they might need self-protection... 

This video is for you if you are finding the world an increasingly challenging place or are caught up in the rapid expansion of consciousness sweeping over world.

Would you like to know...

  • Which crystals should you use when you are feeling under the weather?
  • How can you ground yourself with crystals quickly and effectively?
  • How can you protect yourself from psychic attack?

You will find your answers in this video.

Crystals can give us a way to psychically protect ourselves easily and safely. In this video, Judy Hall, internationally respected crystal expert, psychic, astrologer and healer, will explain what psychic attack is and the ways in which external energy fields can detrimentally affect our own.

This will be an opportunity to gain knowledge from an expert in her field, as Judy will share with you some simple practical psychic protection techniques using crystals. Enjoy!

Here's a taster of what you will receive:

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