Palmistry - the study of hands - has been around for thousands of years, and is backed by scientific study. Our Palmistry courses dive deep into the significance of the hands and what they can tell us about our life.

From the hands, College tutor Robin Lown can read a person's potential and talents, as well as propensity for diseases. Palmistry helps you become more self-aware and clued up on how to enhance your positive traits for a happy life.

The Palmistry courses bring the structure of palmistry to life. Students learn the basics of decoding the hands. Here, Robin shares just a few of the facts you'll be learning.

The College of Psychic Studies has a peerless reputation for the standard of our tuition. Our course sizes are limited to protect the intimacy of our classes and ensure our students receive the support and encouragement they need in order to excel.

Book on a Palmistry course with Robin here.

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