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Manifestation and Co-Creation

Manifestation and Co-Creation

Manifestation and Co-Creation

David Manning
Saturday 18 November
This webinar has already taken place. But purchase now for immediate access to the replay.

What does it mean to create our own reality? Has that always been a possibility? Are we really in a time when that is more available individually and collectively?

This webinar will be an exploration of what it is to create our own reality: what that means, what is required and some useful guidelines.

The ability and willingness to manifest a life that has been dreamed of requires a lot of attention to detail. Many patterns of wounding and self-sabotage will have to be cleared, limiting beliefs released, age old loyalties dissolved. This has always been the case.

Now though, more than ever, it is possible to create from a fresh template. It is becoming possible to “allow” creation to flow through us unhindered, so that energies we would never have thought to access flow through us, into this world. This is partly due to the vast amount of work undertaken by the collective in clearing layers of density. It is also that we are becoming aware, as a tangible experience, that we are our Highest Self. This has not been available at a collective level before. Individuals have always led the way, held the torch. Now, millions around the world are recognising the simple truth of that statement. It changes everything.

As we move more deeply into the collective shift on this planet, our old ways of perceiving and experiencing are falling away. The vast systems of conditioning that have bound humanity are being recognised and rapidly released. Our creative, and co-creative potential is being unleashed in ways never before seen. These truly are unprecedented times of transformation.

We will work with those frequencies to release old limiting patterns of conditioning, and open to the new energies now available on the planet.

If this is of interest, then why not register for this webinar where we will explore:

  • Alignment with the creative pulse of life
  • Getting out of the way
  • Releasing conditioning and limiting beliefs
  • Healing wounds that keep us disempowered
  • Giving ourselves permission to be and have more
  • Co-creation. Who are we creating with?
  • What is allowed? What do I want?
  • The hearts longing
  • Individual versus collective creation
  • Surrender as a part of the creative process
  • The new frequencies and timelines

This webinar will be an energetic experience, not just a theoretical explanation. There will be meditations and energy clearings to help activate a deeper level of co-creative potential in all present. The very fact that this talk is now taking place as an online event, it is in some ways, testament to the co-creative possibilities that are now manifesting.

David Manning

David has been involved in and investigating human potential, healing and energy work for twenty five years. He first trained at CPS over twenty years ago. He led the healing clinic for a number of years, as well as working as a psychic and course and workshop leader.

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